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The Foundations of Sports Podcast

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John O’Sullivan – Changing the Game Project
January 06, 2021

"Everyone wants to win on Saturday, but do you want to win 6 months before Saturday, do you want to win 6 days before Saturday." - "You're influence is never neutral, go out and make a difference beca

Brianna Decker – US Women’s Hockey Player, U18 Coach, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, and creator of The Brianna Decker Endowment Fund for Girls Hockey
May 08, 2020

"Holding yourself accountable every single day, and striving to be better, a better player and a better person every single day." - "Sports teaches you a lot...Being humble can take you really far." - - Brianna Decker -

Dan Iassogna – Major League Baseball Umpire / Umps Care Foundation
February 05, 2020

"You can do anything you want in life, make whatever it is your Big Leagues, whatever that league you want to be in, make it your Big Leagues, and just go for it, do everything you can during the day to get to your Big Leagues.

Beasley Reece – NFL Alumni CEO, Player, and Broadcaster
October 04, 2019

“Sometimes you have to tighten up your cleats and challenge yourself” – Beasley Reece – NFL Alumni Association CEO, Player, and Broadcaster - Beasley played college football at North Texas and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys.

Pat Williams – Co-Founder Orlando Magic and Author of “Character Carved in Stone”
June 20, 2019

Pat Williams is the Co-Founder of the Orlando Magic, and the author of over 100 books, including his most recent, "Character Carved in the Stone" - Pat Williams stands by an Orlando Magic mural at the Amway Center. JIM CARCHIDI - In the episode,

Coach Johnny Parker – NFL and NCAA Strength Coach / His Knowledge, Character, and Humility not only led to 3 Super Bowl Championships, but also positively impacted so many on and off the field.
March 07, 2019

Coach Johnny Parker is not only one of the best Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the World, but also one of the most humble coaches in all of sports. He helped his teams win 3 Super Bowl Championships on the field,

Season # 2 – Thank You and Looking Forward to the Upcoming Season
March 07, 2019

Thank you to our listeners for your support during Season # 1 of the Foundations of Sports Podcast. We are grateful for your support, and we are looking forward to the upcoming season. We want to say thanks to all of our guests in Season # 1,

Bower Yousse – The Freddie Steinmark Story: University of Texas Football player who impacted a Nation / Co-Author of “Freddie Steinmark: Faith, Family, and Football” – EPISODE # 12
December 04, 2018

There are some people who leave a legacy forever. Freddie Steinmark was part of the University of Texas Football team that won the 1969 National Championship game. Freddie's play on the field was defined by leadership, hard work,

Mike Rozzi – Strength and Performance Coach – Coliseum Strength / UCONN / Coastal Carolina – EPISODE # 11
November 07, 2018

Mike Rozzi is a Strength and Performance Coach with Coliseum Strength and Conditioning. He coached at the collegiate level at UCONN and Coastal Carolina, played college football at SUNY-Cortland, and Arena football with the New Jersey Revolution. -

Blake Brewer – Professional Baseball Player and Founder of Prime All American Baseball – EPISODE # 10
September 14, 2018

Blake Brewer founded Prime All American Baseball, a travel baseball program based in Southern California. They use the core values of hard work and family to help players not only become better on the baseball diamond, but also off the field. -