Footsteps to Heaven

Footsteps to Heaven

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Footsteps to Heaven - Faith Amidst Adversity
April 02, 2020

Episode #71: God wants to give you faith that conquers stress. COVID-19 has triggered anxiety in a lot of people. On March 28th, Good News Ministries was part of an online conference called Our Faith, Our Hope, Our Love. This podcast is Terry Mo

Footsteps to Heaven - A Divine Military Briefing on COVID-19 - Part 2
March 28, 2020

Episode #70: God in his great Mercy is doing something huge with the difficult time we’re suffering. As Terry Modica continues sharing what she learned from the prophetic messages of the retreat she attended last December, she explains what to do wit

Footsteps to Heaven - A Divine Military Briefing on COVID-19 - Part 1
March 26, 2020

Episode #69: Terry Modica shares the prophetic messages she learned last December attending an Advent retreat in light of what we’re going through today in the worldwide shut-down caused by the coronavirus. The retreat was like a military briefing in

Footsteps to Heaven - Dealing with Darkness in Today's World: Part 2
March 19, 2020

Episode #68: In the second part of her live presentation, Terry Modica ties together the Coronavirus, the Rosary, and the Oil of Gladness (the Holy Spirit). God has given us everything we need to be victorious over darkness. We can be fearless champi

Footsteps to Heaven - Dealing with Darkness in Today's World: Part 1
March 18, 2020

Episode #67: Why is there so much darkness in today’s world? Is it part of a planned strategy? The answer is yes. In this live presentation recorded on March 14, 2020, Terry Modica shares the story of how she learned this a long time ago from a satan

Footsteps to Heaven - COVID-19: Trust God and offer up your sacrifices for those who don’t
March 16, 2020

Episode #66: How well are you handling the lifestyle changes forced upon us by the coronavirus? The COVID-19 virus is a calling to trust God. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can discover the blessings he is bringing from it (according to Romans

Footsteps to Heaven - Coronavirus and God's Protection
March 13, 2020

Episode #65: What's the best way for us as Christians to handle the coronavirus pandemic? Do non-believers see us handling this pandemic any differently than the rest of the world? God wants to minister to others through us so we can show non-believe

Footsteps to Heaven - Unite your sufferings to Jesus for healing
March 10, 2020

Episode #64: Terry Modica leads you through an experience of uniting your sufferings to Jesus for your healing and for the healing of others and for their salvation. Learn to identify the various hardships that connect you to the hardships that Jesus

Footsteps to Heaven – See Jesus Smiling At You
February 25, 2020

Episode #63: Is your relationship with Jesus Christ so strong, so firm, so solid that you turn over all your worries to him? He died on the Cross for you and will therefore do everything else that’s good for you! To help you overcome any doubts about

Footsteps to Heaven – How to Fortify Your Faith
February 19, 2020

Episode #62: Is your life so well fortified that you can withstand the problems you’re facing in such a way that you still have the peace of Christ and even joy? Ephesians 6:10-13 tells us that we are on a battlefield; demons want to diminish our trust in