Footsteps to Heaven

Footsteps to Heaven

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Footsteps to Heaven - Three Healing Messages From God Today
June 11, 2020

Episode #77: What do you think God might be telling us – and the whole world – right now in this time in our history? What one message do you think God wants to get through to everybody in all the craziness that's going on? I believe he has three ex

Footsteps to Heaven – Be Not Afraid
June 05, 2020

Episode #76: Do you need to hear Jesus say to you today: “Be not afraid”? In this episode, Terry Modica explains how to conquer fear by driving it out by its roots and by gaining confidence in what scriptures say about it. The scriptures used are: E

Footsteps to Heaven - How I met the Holy Spirit
May 24, 2020

Episode #75: Here is my personal story about how I met the Holy Spirit. As a child I knew Jesus Christ as my Savior and my Best Friend, but I knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. I found out the hard way that there is a very important reason why Jesus

Footsteps to Heaven - The Promise of Victory for Your Lost Loved Ones
May 16, 2020

Episode #74: Here's the reason to have hope -- with confidence! -- that your loved ones who have turned away from Christ will be saved. Your prayers do make a difference. God has a plan. Jesus stated very clearly in John 6:39-40 and John 10:27-29 tha

Footsteps to Heaven – Helpers from Heaven
April 23, 2020

Episode #73: We all need supernatural help in difficult and challenging situations. So God provides to us helpers from heaven to assist us in our daily lives. In this episode, Terry Modica shares true stories about getting help from angels and from s

Footsteps to Heaven - Marian Devotions and The Sorrowful Mysteries
April 07, 2020

Episode #72: Hear Terry Modica's personal testimony of how the Blessed Mother came into her life (she was raised a Protestant) and later started Good News Ministries. Marian devotions seemed foreign to Terry, no matter how much she tried to understan

Footsteps to Heaven - Faith Amidst Adversity
April 02, 2020

Episode #71: God wants to give you faith that conquers stress. COVID-19 has triggered anxiety in a lot of people. On March 28th, Good News Ministries was part of an online conference called Our Faith, Our Hope, Our Love. This podcast is Terry Mo

Footsteps to Heaven - A Divine Military Briefing on COVID-19 - Part 2
March 28, 2020

Episode #70: God in his great Mercy is doing something huge with the difficult time we’re suffering. As Terry Modica continues sharing what she learned from the prophetic messages of the retreat she attended last December, she explains what to do wit

Footsteps to Heaven - A Divine Military Briefing on COVID-19 - Part 1
March 26, 2020

Episode #69: Terry Modica shares the prophetic messages she learned last December attending an Advent retreat in light of what we’re going through today in the worldwide shut-down caused by the coronavirus. The retreat was like a military briefing in

Footsteps to Heaven - Dealing with Darkness in Today's World: Part 2
March 19, 2020

Episode #68: In the second part of her live presentation, Terry Modica ties together the Coronavirus, the Rosary, and the Oil of Gladness (the Holy Spirit). God has given us everything we need to be victorious over darkness. We can be fearless champi