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Footsteps to Heaven

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Do you know how much the Father loves you? – Footsteps to Heaven
July 07, 2022

 Episode #95: Do you know how much your Father God loves you? Really, really, really loves you? Usually we don’t know that, because we project onto God the way human fathers have been, the w

Stressed Out? Make a Treasure Box of Blessings – Footsteps to Heaven
March 21, 2022

 Do you feel this way? The writer of Psalm 77 laments, "I pray to God and yet I still feel troubled. I keep watching: My eyes are watchful for the Lord to do something, to bring an end to this mi

Feel the Father’s Love This Lent – Footsteps to Heaven
March 14, 2022

 Lent is meant for growing in holiness by repenting of our sins, but many of us are reluctant to face our sins because we simply don’t know that God the Father is cheering us on, like a Doting Da

What’s been happening – A miracle in caregiving (Footsteps to Heaven)
January 31, 2022

 It’s been a while since I recorded a new episode of the Footsteps to Heaven podcast show. Here’s why. A lot has been happening! (Hint: Two big projects and a miracle in the stress of caregiving.

Repost: What is Heaven really like? (Footsteps to Heaven)
November 02, 2021

 When my husband Ralph and I went to the funeral of a neighbor who was a Jehovah’s Witness, the description of Heaven that we heard from the leader of the congregation was not one that we want to

The Incredible Truth About Your Guardian Angel (Footsteps to Heaven)
September 29, 2021

 Do you know that you have a guardian angel, one that was specially chosen for you by God, and that your angel wants to have a better relationship with you? Your angel is delighted to help you. T

Pray for the Glory of God to fill you (Footsteps to Heaven)
August 26, 2021

 Need an antidote to stress, worry, and fear? Using Psalm 146 as a prayer and adapting it to your own situation, Terry Modica reveals the supernatural power that’s available when we glorify the L

Hide in the Father's Arms (Footsteps to Heaven)
June 30, 2021

Episode #88: Have you ever been in this kind of a situation? You've got a plan. You've prayed about it. God has called you to it. You feel anointed to do it. You feel gifted to do it. You feel li

Be Bold and Courageous (Footsteps to Heaven)
April 13, 2021

Episode #87: Be bold and courageous! Ralph and Terry Modica share personal stories based on the message of Joshua 1:6-9, to empower you in whatever positions of authority and responsibility you have. Ralph describes the time he risked his job by spe

When you feel foolish, God hugs you (Footsteps to Heaven)
March 10, 2021

Episode #85: When you do something foolish, do you feel embarrassed or do you feel Father God hugging you and comforting you? Do you feel stupid when you make a mistake or can you hear Father God reassure you that, "You're awesome", reassuring you that e