Find Your Glee with Dinah G

Find Your Glee with Dinah G

Latest Episodes

17. Season Finale- Find Growth in the Journey
December 31, 2019

In this episode I reflect on the past year.  Initially,  when thinking of 2019, I focused too much on what I didn't accomplish instead of what I DID-  Like creating a freaking podcast!   I got too caught up on the fact that I...

16. Fierce After 40: Six Tips for Your Younger Self
November 25, 2019

It’s so important to look at how far you’ve come and to celebrate the older wiser woman you are becoming.  These are the Top 6 Things that I Wish I Would Have Told My Younger Self: LET IT WORK ITSELF OUT- Give it time- Be patient and trust...

15. Interview with Holistic Coach Becca Kunce: Love & Trust Your Whole Self- Body, Mind, and Soul!
October 04, 2019

As a Holistic Coach, Becca is passionate about helping people return to their authentic self-love, reconnect with themselves, and experience freedom in their bodies.  Becca knows firsthand the tenderness and shame that comes with feeling trapped...

14. Seven Tips to Avoid the Comparison Trap
July 26, 2019

Do you suffer from compare and despair?!  You know what I mean, like when you scroll through social media and suddenly start to feel like crap because your life is not as perfect as someone else’s.  Why does it seem like everyone else is...

13. Take the Half-Way-Through-the-Year Challenge with Me!
July 07, 2019

We are Half-way to 2020!  Maybe this half-way point in the year has you high-fiving yourself and singing your praises for all you’ve accomplished so far which is awesome!  I applaud you.  If you are like me, however, you may have had...

12. Interview with SheHaus Coach Annmarie Molina: How To Go After Your Dream Life Before You Think You're Ready!
June 11, 2019

Annmarie Molina is the Founder and Business Mindset Coach of SheHaus Coaching. Former corporate leader turned soul purpose warrior, she is dedicated to helping women everywhere go after their dreams and approach their life and career with more ease,...

11. Final Mom Talk Series Episode: Mom Guilt & Judgement
June 07, 2019

This is my last episode of the "Mom Talks Series."  In this episode I talk about mom guilt and the judgements we face as moms.  I also share perspectives from other moms in hopes of opening the lines of communication and creating a community...

10. Mom Talk Series: Interview with Soulmamma Podcast Host Nicole DeLeon- Building a Community of Mammas
May 16, 2019

Nicole De Leon has been a teacher most of her life. With a Masters in Education, Nicole taught art to middle and high schoolers, for ten years, inspiring them to delve into their creative sensibilities. Even her teens, Nicole taught people of all ages...

09. Mom Talk Series: My Thoughts on Being a Mom & Self-Care
May 09, 2019

In honor of my May "Mom-Talks" Series I kick things off by sharing my thoughts on motherhood and the importance of fitting in self-care. My girl is 13 now. Yes, I’m the mama of a teenager.  Don’t feel sorry for me, it’s not a bad...

08. Interview with Dr. Bachhuber- Guidance for the Head and Heart through Career & Beyond
April 30, 2019

Dr. Thomas Bachhuber is President of the Board and Executive Director of The Center for Life Transitions, Inc. Tom was the Director of the Career Development Center at the University of Maryland-Coll