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The Finding My Psych Podcast

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On Vegan Living and Cautions for The Vegan Community During Covid19
July 12, 2020

"It comes down to personal choice." Why Finding My Psych Promotes a Vegan Lifestyle In today's episode we discuss the rationale for why the Finding My Psych brand promotes a vegan lifestyle. It is important to emphasize that vegan living...

Liz Garrett on Vegan Athletics, Cultural Warfare, and Self-Care
June 18, 2020

"The first thing you do to start your day, sets the tone for the rest of your day." Liz Garrett, Plant-Based Power Coach Vegan Athletics - Returning To Your Base In today's show, Liz Garett, the Plant-Based Power Coach,

The Psychology of Coping During Recovery Mode from COVID19
May 28, 2020

"There will be a day when we no longer have to stand in line." Emerging From Disaster - Entering Recovery Mode In today's episode, we discuss the current state of the COVID19 pandemic as we officially start recovery mode.

Vegans vs The Anti-Vaccination Movement (Empirical & Psychological Arguments)
January 26, 2020

"Health Psychology is naturally in alignment with a plant-based diet - There is no room for the anti-vaccination movement" Finding My Psych Takes a Stand At Finding My Psych, we promote a plant-based vegan diet as part of a holistic approach ...

Twenty Powerful Questions by Andrea Drugay - Visioning Your Year
December 28, 2019

"One foot in front of the other..." Reflecting and Planning for the New Year Each year is an opportunity to ask ourselves powerful questions about where we have been and what we plan to do moving forward.

Fighting the End of the Year Health Slump (Your Personal Care Plan)
December 13, 2019

"Don't let obligation turn into perpetual self-sacrifice." Physical and Emotional Health Slump Starting in November, people experience a significant downgrade in both their physical and emotional wellbeing. This health slump,

Celebrating LGBTQ2 Pride Month - Progress and Pain (Spiritual Isolation)
June 05, 2019

"I fear for those living in fear and isolation from the cost of being who God designed them to be." Celebrating Pride Month With Gratitude This is one of my favourite times of the year. Not only is June the month that I was born,

Tim Van Orden Interviews Jerod Killick from Finding My Psych (Deep Dive)
May 18, 2019

"Care about the process more - Everyone else is obsessed with the outcome." Tim Van Orden Interviews Jerod Killick In today's episode, Tim Van Orden returns to interview Jerod Killick, creator of the Finding My Psych website and podcast.

Facebook Depression Is Real - Manage Isolation Caused by Social Media
April 16, 2019

"It's a dopamine yoyo driven by anxiety and feelings of being completely alone." Facebook Depression - It's Real! In today's show, we discuss the occurrence of depressive symptoms seen in active Facebook users.

Complicated Bereavement vs. Complicated Bewilderment
December 30, 2018

"The hardest thing is that I only feel bad about not feeling bad." Today's Episode - Loss is Complicated! There is no cookie cutter approach to dealing with loss. Whether you are someone who recently experienced the death of a family member,...