Finding Authenticity

Finding Authenticity

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Episode 35: ADIOS 2020, IT'S BEEN SH*T
December 28, 2020

This week we recap 2020 and chat about the future of Finding Authenticity. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode please share it with a friend, or on your social media! And don’t forget to tag us! Instagram: @findingauthenticitypodcast Jenn: @

Episode 34: Color in White Spaces : Changing the Diversity & Inclusion Conversation with Tanya Hayles
December 07, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we are talking with Tanya Hayles, a story teller, event planner, founder of Black Moms Connection and the woman behind Color in White Spaces. Join us in a conversation about race, and changing how we talk about diversity

Episode 33: Navigating Careers as a Young Adult with Carli Fink
November 30, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we are talking with Carli Fink about navigating the working world as a young person, especially as a young woman. Carli is a career counsellor in academia and shares some of the common themes she comes across in her daily

Episode 32: Peeking into the Art Industry with Liza Zhurkovskaya
November 23, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we sit down with Liza Zhurkovskaya who is a Toronto-based art curator, art advisor, Kefi Art Gallery owner, and produces the Curator on the Go Podcast. Liza walks us through what it is like navigating the Toronto art indu

Episode 31: An Entrepreneurial Journey with Kerry-Ann Cummings
November 09, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we are talking to Kerry-Ann Cummings, CEO of CRWN Creative. Kerry-Ann shares with us how she felt along her entrepreneurial journey, the ways in which she’s developed over time, and how she’s become the confident woman sh

Episode 30: Mental Health and Wellness Allyship with Emma Ibbetson
November 02, 2020

This week on the Finding Authenticity podcast we are talking to Emma Ibbetson. Emma is a mental health and wellness ally who is a nurse, Reiki practitioner and someone living with Bipolar Disorder. In this episode we discuss the stigma around mental healt

Episode 29: You are Enough
October 19, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we keep it short and sweet to remind you that you are enough as you are. You don’t need to change, or shrink yourself for anyone and if you are, they probably aren’t the right person for you. Thanks for listening! If you

Episode 28: Break Free from Society’s Expectations
October 12, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we are breaking down some of society’s bs expectations. There are a lot of pressures we can feel from what society expects of us, but there is no singular path in life. Some expectations we discuss include: Expectation

Episode 27: Eating Disorder Recovery Rhetoric with Recovery Coach Rebecca Rechtorik
October 05, 2020

TW: Eating disorders, anorexia This week on Finding Authenticity we sit down with Rebecca Rechtorik who is Jenn’s eating disorder recovery coach. We talk with her about eating disorder recovery, what a recovery coach is, and what that option looks like fo

Episode 26: All About Human Design with Ally Patras
September 28, 2020

This week on Finding Authenticity we talk to Ally, your human design bff. What is Human Design you might ask? Well, simply put it is the science of human differentiation. In this episode we talk with Ally about what Human Design is, and how it helps you b