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FILO Podcast

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Episode 050: Wes Hartley
September 21, 2020

Wes Hartley, former TD of Lakepointe Church in Dallas, sits down with Todd to talk about how we communicate with our teams to accomplish excellent services. - We are grateful for Haivision's support of this podcast episode.

Episode 049: Van Metschke, CCI Solutions
August 31, 2020

Todd has a chat with good friend Van Metschke, former local church TD and current Church Relations Advocate with CCI Solutions. They talk about pretty much everything. - We are grateful for CCI Solution's support of this podcast episode.

Episode 048: FILO Book Launch
August 10, 2020

Todd gets the tables turned on him and is interviewed by Jon Jorgenson about the newest FILO Resource, Todd's book: "I Love Jesus But I Hate Christmas".  - We are grateful for Living As One's support of this podcast episode.

Episode 047: Tres Cozad, Yamaha
July 20, 2020

Todd sits down with Tres Cozad, the Systems Engineering Manager for Yamaha and Nexo. As a former church technical director, Tres shares from his experiences trying to figure out production needs for all the multi-use spaces at his church. -

Episode 046: Liz Forkin Bohannon
June 29, 2020

Todd sits down with FILO 2020 Main Session speaker Liz Bohannon to talk about her book Beginner's Pluck. Many of the concepts she discovered along the way to founding her own company are super applicable to the world of the technical arts in the local ...

Episode 045: Kaleb Wilcox
June 08, 2020

Todd talks with Kaleb Wilcox, associate pastor at Willow Creek's North Shore Campus and one of the people at the very first FILO brainstorming meeting all those years ago. They talk about how everyone executing the services are also worshippers and how...

Episode 044: Daniel Scotti
May 18, 2020

Todd and Daniel talk about the responsibility that we all have to be a pastor for the people on our team. We shouldn't just need volunteers to fill a position but to be involved in and care about their lives. -

Episode 043: Sabrina Joseph
April 27, 2020

Todd talks with Sabrina Joseph, Owner of Roya Productions in Atlanta and Project Manager for Local Engagement at Passion City Church. They talk about how she started in production and how it led to helping churches and organizations realize their ideas...

Episode 042: Andrew Schuurmann
April 06, 2020

Todd sits down with friend and former co-worker from the Willow days, Andrew Schuurmann to talk about visual storytelling. Not only from the perspective of shooting and editing, but into why use video at all. It was a good time.

Episode 041: TC Furlong
March 16, 2020

Todd sits down with one of his favorite people, TC Furlong, to talk about the barriers to a great production. These barriers aren't just about better technology, but about our processes and even the relationships we have with our team. -