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Episode 083: Jesse O’Brien
July 25, 2022

Jesse O’Brien talks with Todd about broadcast audio, creating a consistent sound across all campuses and all the other cushy parts of being an audio person in the local church today. Show Notes: Willo

Episode 082: Cassandra Langton
July 04, 2022

Todd has a conversation with Cassandra Langton, the Global Worship and Creative Pastor at Hillsong. They talk about how to create culture in a multi-site church model and well has how to keep your fai

Episode 081: Joshua Hoegh
June 13, 2022

Joshua Hoegh joins Todd on the FILO Podcast to talk about staying connected to who we were created to be, not just going through the motions or mindlessly copying what other people are doing. Show Not

Episode 080: Alex Sawyer
May 23, 2022

Todd sits down with Alex Sawyer, TD at Third Church in Richmond, VA and FILO Cohort Leader to talk about what church production looks like in a smaller, more traditional setting. Show Notes: FILO Coac

Episode 079: Aubrey Wentz
May 02, 2022

FILO Cohost Aubrey Wentz joins Todd on the podcast to talk about working through change. Big change. Little change. All the change. Show Notes: FILO 2022 Chicago Conference: The Conference is NEXT WEE

Episode 078: Andreas Pantli
April 11, 2022

Todd is joined by Andreas Pantli, the founding pastor of ICF Hamburg in Germany and main session speaker at this year’s FILO Conference. From his experience as the arts and production pastor at ICF Ch

Episode 077: Clay Scroggins
March 21, 2022

Clay Scroggins joins Todd and they talk about leaving their jobs with no plan for the future. They ask the question of when to stay or when to leave a place, when God is really calling us to larger qu

Episode 076: Ashlee Eiland
February 28, 2022

Todd sits down with Ashlee Eiland one of the main session speakers for the FILO Conference this year. They talk about her journey from service producer to co-lead Pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grand R

Episode 075: Wes Harris
February 07, 2022

Todd talks with Wes Harris, TD of Radiant Bible Church outside of Indianapolis. They chat it up about the importance of being in community with other church technical artists, whether that is through

Episode 074: Becky Ykema
January 17, 2022

Todd has a conversation with Worship Leader and Coach, Becky Ykema. They talk about their time together working at Willow Creek and how technical artists and their counterparts can work more effective