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Fear of Seeing a Dome In The Sky and Cozy-Comfy Hyperawareness
January 16, 2022

On today’s episode, I answer two listener questions. The first is from someone experiencing panic-like symptoms with the awareness of seeing the sky as a “dome” that makes her feel claustrophobic. She

Harm OCD
January 05, 2022

Harm OCD is an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder subtype focused on violent or harming themes. This is a common obsession for people suffering with OCD and can cause a tremendous amount of anxiety for tho

Can I have more than one obsession, and what if I orgasm during ERP?
December 28, 2021

Originally published on December 24, 2021, however it did not post correctly. Here it is now. To close out 2021, I’m answering two quick questions from listeners. The first question is about whether s

Christmas and Religious Scrupulosity with Mitzi VanCleve
December 09, 2021

For today’s lovely yuletide episode, I was joined by Mitzi VanCleve to talk about how to manage anxiety, obsessions, and stress associated with Christmas for those suffering with Religious Scrupulosit

Obsessing about obsessing, and dealing with “I’m sooo OCD”
December 06, 2021

Thanks for joining me for another episode! Today’s episode is an listener audio question about how to deal with OCD attacking the ERP process. In it, I discuss where to find good resources for treatme

Trigger Warnings with Nathan Peterson, Kelley Franke, and Lauren Rosen
November 29, 2021

For today’s episode, I was joined by Nathan Peterson (27:32), Kelley Franke, and Lauren Rosen (39:35) to talk about trigger warnings. We have all heard about them, we have also all heard them, but are

Marriage, Intimacy, and Scrupulosity feature Erin Ramachandran
November 22, 2021

For this week’s episode, I was joined by Erin Ramachandran of Mental Health Strong to answer a listener’s question about how to best manage their anxiety as they are on the cusp of getting married. Th

HOCD caused by my ROCD? And HOCD caused by my lack of relationship experience?
November 07, 2021

On this episode, I answer two questions that center around HOCD (Sexual Orientation OCD, i.e. SO-OCD), but ask different questions within these two themes. The first question (6:40) is about a woman s

“What To Do When Obsessions Overlap With Genuine Interests”- IOCDF presentation with Kelley Franke, MFT, and Lauren Rosen, MFT
November 01, 2021

On this episode, I am joined by Kelley Franke, MFT, and Lauren Rosen, MFT, for a presentation we gave at the 2021 IOCDF conference. They were so kind to join me to discuss what you can do if and when

#78- Losing Natural Ability To Blink, Self-Compassion, and Are Obsessions Partially True?
October 25, 2021

On this episode, I discuss Sensorimotor OCD, Self-Compassion, and SO-OCD (HOCD). More specifically, on my first question, I discuss someone’s fear about potentially losing their ability to blink in a