Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

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Analyzing an oil test from a 2,500 horsepower CAT V-16. Aired 3/30/24
April 06, 2024

A listener from Utah is confused by the sudden increase in copper in the engine oil test from his CAT powered generator set.

Hot Rod Farmer:  The story of my life…
April 03, 2024

Wanting to take a break this week from a technical talk, Ray shares with his listeners a little about how life brought him to this point. He opens his heart to you, his cherished audience.

Dealing with a catastrophic engine failure in a new vehicle. Aired 3/23/24
March 30, 2024

You buy a new car or truck to avoid problems not to create them. In this episode, the Hot Rod Farmer provides some practical guidance to protect your financial investment when things go drastically wr

Hot Rod Farmer: Understanding the way engine idle speed is controlled.
March 27, 2024

Controlling engine idle speed used to be nothing more than a throttle stop screw but that has all changed! Follow along as Ray provides a timeline from the simple and effective throttle stop screw to

How carbon deposits impact a small engine. Aired 3/17/24
March 23, 2024

Small engines can cause big problems if they do not start and run. Many falsely blame the problem on the carburetor or gasoline when it rooted in carbon deposits.

Hot Rod Farmer: Where has the quality gone?
March 20, 2024

Regardless of if it is a vehicle or a washing machine or anything in between, the quality of what is made today has taken a turn for the worse, being on the verge of junk. In this op ed formatted epis

Hot Rod Farmer: It AIN’T a diamond in the ROUGH…Originally published 6/5/2019.
March 18, 2024

Carbon deposits on injectors and intake valves are choking your engine.