Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

Idle Chatter: Hot Rod Farmer

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Blueprinting your corn planter, Part 2. Aired 2/24/24
March 02, 2024

In the second episode of the series, Ray goes over measuring amperage draw, and checking for the integrity of a vacuum system.

Planter seed tubes.
March 01, 2024

On the Road to Scott Farley.
February 29, 2024

Growing up in Texas the son of a working-class family that always had enough but not extra, did not stifle Scott from pursuing the dream that is America. A young boys life is changed when visiting fa

Hot Rod Farmer: The value of a good parts man.
February 28, 2024

Once again it proves that being able to get the proper part in person from a human, is far better than Amazon.

Corn planter gauge wheels.
February 27, 2024

Hot Rod Farmer: Getting to know Rudolf….. DIESEL that is! Originally published 5/22/2019.
February 26, 2024

There is more going on than just pulling to a different pump!!

Blueprinting your corn planter, Part 1. Aired 2/17/24
February 24, 2024

Your most successful crop starts in the farm shop! This multi-part series will cover what you need to do to make your planter the best it can be.

Hot Rod Farmer: How the specific gravity of fuel impacts an engine’s performance.
February 21, 2024

The impetus for this episode is rooted in Ray getting his personal best fuel economy with his 250,000-mile Ford Fiesta, while driving to an agricultural seminar. The science behind the mpg!

Planter row cleaners.
February 20, 2024