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New Farm Spirit – Stuart Woolf, Sean Venus
June 14, 2024

Water restrictions in California will cause large acreages of farm land to be fallowed, potentially producing nothing. Fortunately a new crop is being introduced that uses very little water, making

Consumer Confusion – Amy Myrdal Miller, RD
June 07, 2024

Consumers are more confused than ever about what are the best food choices for themselves and their family. This is the case inspite of the fact or because of the fact that social media, traditional

Farming The Farm Bill – Ricardo Salvador
May 31, 2024

More money is spent lobbying the Farm Bill than is spent lobbying for America's Defense industry. It's not just about producing food. Over 80% of the farm bill is for nutrition programs, such as SNAP,

More Meat More Ways – Paul Shapiro
May 24, 2024

The demand for meat will keep growing because the world's population will keep growing out of poverty and with a hunger to add meat to their diet. Now more meat can come from more sources , including

Organic Juice Journey – Uncle Matt Mclean
May 17, 2024

A successful consumer brand can be built from the farm while prioritizing community well-being. Organic style farming existed long before chemical intensive farming became the norm. Four generations

Commodity Ag – Scott Brown
May 10, 2024

Economies of scale will continue to push farming operations to get bigger over time. While big farms getting bigger is not likely to change, value added farming is a different matter. Another decline

Old Ways Are New Ways – Brittany & Bill Sullivan
May 02, 2024

- The new ways of raising livestock and meat production are increasingly drawing from old ways when pastures were more prevalent than large metal confinement buildings. Brittany and Bill Sullivan ow

Regional Food System Creation – Zack Wyatt
April 26, 2024

Although funding and knowledge is available to create better food systems, it is the active choice of doing nothing that is impeding progress. We keep educating the public on the problem and offer no

Farm Adjacent Communities – Clayton Garrett
April 19, 2024

Cities keep growing but that doesn't mean we don't want to be around a farm. In fact when you can't live in the country then how about bringing the farm to the city? That's what Clayton Garrett share

Barons, Really – Austin Frerick
April 15, 2024

Many Farm To Table Talk listeners somehow got a version of the Barons podcast that had the right intro but with a different podcast. We're sorry about that and just in case here is the real intervie