Exploring Unschooling

Exploring Unschooling

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EU334: Q&A Deep Dive
October 13, 2022

In the intro, I share my new vision for the podcast: helping people figure out how to apply bigger picture unschooling ideas in their everyday lives. I want to help listeners explore how these big uns

EU213 Flashback: Unschooling and Math with Marcella O’Brien
October 06, 2022

This week, Im sharing a popular episode from early 2020 with unschooling mom Marcella OBrien. Marcellas grown sons, Jack and Sean, have also joined me in Growing Up Unschooling episode 181. Marcell

EU239 Flashback: Unschooling Dads with Roop Bhadury
September 29, 2022

This week, Im sharing a fun conversation I had with unschooling dad Roop Bhadury. I connected with Roop through his wife Susan, who is a member of the Living Joyfully Network. She has also joined me

EU119 Flashback: Gaming and Growing Up Unschooling with Xander MacSwan
September 22, 2022

I get so many questions about screen time and video games and how they fit into an unschooling life, so I thought it might be helpful and fun to reshare a conversation I had with Xander MacSwan in 2

EU111 Flashback: Ten Questions with Jan Fortune
September 15, 2022

This week, Im sharing a conversation I had with Jan Fortune back in 2018. Janhome educated her four children in the UK and wrote many articles and five books on unschooling and parenting. Her book W

EU207 Flashback: Advice from Grown Unschoolers
September 08, 2022

Its compilation episode time again! This week, Im sharing one of our listener favorites from 2019, a collection of conversations with grown unschoolers in which they offer their thoughts for newer u

EU282 Flashback: Teachers Turned Unschoolers
September 01, 2022

This week, were revisiting a popular compilation episode from last year. Many people have asked me whether any former or current teachers have been interviewed on the podcast. And the answer to that

EU333: Exploring Unschooling Q&A
August 25, 2022

Anna Brown and Erika Ellis join me again this week to dive into listener questions! We talk about the fears and doubts that come up at the start of the unschooling journey, the idea of wanting to meas

EU332: An Unschooling Journey with Jae Williams, Part 3
August 18, 2022

This week, Im sharing the second part of my recent conversation with Jae Williams (you can listen to the first half here). Jae is a former teacher and new unschooling dad of two young children. We fi

EU331: An Unschooling Journey with Jae Williams, Part 2
August 11, 2022

Jae Williams is a former teacher and new unschooling dad of two young children. I first spoke to Jae when he was about two months into his unschooling journey, in episode 290. Its been a year now and