The Evidence Based Education Podcast

The Evidence Based Education Podcast

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The Great Teaching Toolkit: Evidence review
April 30, 2020

In June 2020, Evidence Based Education will publish a report authored by Rob Coe. The report will provide a credible evidence summary of the elements of great teaching practice. This will provide a structured point of reference for the things teachers ...

Assessment and feedback in an online context
February 24, 2020

Many schools in South East Asia have recently closed due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, forcing them to move entirely to an online and distance learning environment in a matter of weeks. Those schools are now looking for answers to questions like ...

‘Exit Interview’ with Sir Kevan Collins – is teaching becoming more evidence-informed?
December 03, 2019

In this latest episode, 'is teaching becoming more evidence-informed?', Sir Kevan Collins, the departing chief executive of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), is interviewed by Evidence Based Education’s Jamie Scott about his eight years in the ...

Improving Social and Emotional Learning
October 24, 2019

New Trialled and Tested podcast looks at improving Social and Emotional Learning. - Effective social and emotional learning (SEL) can increase positive pupil behaviour, mental health and well-being, and academic performance. - Indeed,

Trialled and Tested: Working Memory
July 18, 2019

In this episode of the Trialled and Tested podcast we explore working memory and its importance to teaching and learning; what it is, why it’s important for teachers to know about it and how an understanding of working memory can inform the way teacher...

Trialled and Tested: Embedding Formative Assessment
April 25, 2019

“Teaching should start from where the student is, not from where we would like them to be." says education professor Dylan Wiliam. In this episode of Trialled and Tested: Embedding Formative Assessment, we introduce how formative assessment strategies ...

Improving secondary science
February 13, 2019

In this episode of Trialled and Tested, Jamie Scott from Evidence Based Education speaks to Emily Yeomans (EEF Head of Programme Strategy), Sir John Holman (Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of York) and Dr Niki Kaiser (Chemistry Teache...

The Science of Learning
January 26, 2019

Is the science of learning really a science? What can teachers and students learn from the research evidence on effective studying and learning? What aspects of cognitive psychology could affect teachers and students in the next ten years? -   -

Efficacy, evidence and evaluation
December 05, 2018

In this episode of the Trialled and Tested podcast, 'Efficacy, evidence and evaluation', Jamie Scott from Evidence Based Education speaks to Eleanor Stringer and Matthew van Poortvliet from the Education Endowment Foundation to find out more about thei...

What is an RSP?
November 05, 2018

Over the last year, Evidence Based Education and Suffolk County Council have been working in partnership to deliver a robust, cost-effective and enjoyable Research Support Partnership (RSP) programme to train staff from schools and academies throughout...