Entrepreneur Perspectives

Entrepreneur Perspectives

EP072: Perspectives on Entrepreneurs Starting Their Journey

December 17, 2018

Enjoy the Journey. This is a mashup episode featuring five stories around how entrepreneurs got their start. This episode features Bobby Samuelson, Eric Kasimov, Derek Bylsma, Mike Vernace, and Brian Cockfield.
In this episode, we discuss entrepreneurs, the early days of a business, and how companies came to be. 
This is our final podcast episode for 2018! We’ll be back with a new podcast episode on the first Monday of 2019. January 7, 2019, to be exact! Until then, be sure to check previous episodes from 2017 and 2018 on EPpodcast.com where you can link out to your favorite podcast platform.
Bobby, Derek, Mike, and Brian have all been featured on previous episodes. If you haven’t heard them yet, here they are:
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Let’s get right into this episode all about entrepreneurs starting their journey. 
0:44 | This first segment is from Life Insurance Product Expert and Business Owner Bobby Samuelson, on how he started and fell in love with his niche. 
10:02 | This next part is Eric Kasimov talking about always wanting to be an entrepreneur. All the way back to the day he was part of a corporate layoff. 
13:28 | Derek Bylsma from Millennium Hope in Chicago, IL. Derek is a licensed clinical professional counselor. And in this story, he talks about coming to the conclusion of what he needed to do next. 
14:36 | Mike Vernace in this segment tells us why his company ShiftD came to be. ShiftD is a leading educational service for hockey. 
16:58 | In this final piece, Brian Cockfield, owner of The Sports Flooring Group tells us about his early days leading his company. 
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