English language Visionary Marketing Podcasts

English language Visionary Marketing Podcasts

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Networking and Growing Your B2B Business with LinkedIn
April 20, 2024

Walking down the roads of strategic thinking for professional networking or business building, most of us would agree to name LinkedIn as a well-built pathway to tread on. Whats better than understan

LinkedIn’s new features under the microscope
March 14, 2024

What are the most outstanding new features of LinkedIn in 2024? Reid Hoffmanns professional network was created almost 21 years ago (in May 2003) and acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Visionary Marketin

Luxury Venues during the 2024 Paris Olympics
February 15, 2024

What if hiring luxury venues during the 2024 Olympics were a good opportunity for brands, even small ones? The Olympic Games are only six months away from now and I was wondering how much of an oppor

The AI ‘revolution’ will not take place
February 08, 2024

Just like the Trojan war, the AI revolution will not take place*. Todays topic is the inevitablegenerative AI. This is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss what a technological revolution is

CSR: a survival guide for the depressed responsible marketer
January 22, 2024

How can a responsible marketer survive when the world around us is crumbling? Or at least when experts are telling you that it is. Three years to the day, the French association of marketers Adetem as

Surviving the Content Shock In The Age of GenAI
December 11, 2023

Will marketers survive the content shock in the age of AI? The Omnes Education Group launched a cross-organisational programme in English called Content creation in the age of AI to help its student

Can GenAI have an impact on CRM?
December 05, 2023

According to a recent Forresterreport (How Generative AI Will Transform CRM), GenAI may have significant and beneficial impacts on Customer Relationship Management systems and practices. The real que

What are the applications of GIS systems
December 01, 2023

What are the applications of geographic information systems? Following our discussion with Catherine Crook, we asked Floyd Bull to answer that question for us. Geographic information systems and their

A day in the life of a GIS program manager
November 20, 2023

Visionary Marketing spoke with Catherine Crook senior GIS program manager for Hexvarium to discuss the use of geographic information systems or GIS and its impact on communication networks and th

PIMs at the heart of Customer Experiences
November 16, 2023

Product Information Management (PIM) systems are a driving force behind a good customer experience. A 2023 survey entitled Elevating customer experiences with product experiences, sheds light on how