English language Visionary Marketing Podcasts

English language Visionary Marketing Podcasts

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B2B Sharing Economy: A multi-trillion dollar market
April 27, 2022

The sharing economy, the circular economy, and the collaborative economy offer interesting prospects in B2B marketing, explains Navi Radjou in a video interview conducted at the Visionary Marketing St

Will Google Analytics be Banned in Europe? Not as easy as it seems
April 06, 2022

Will there ever be a Google Analytics ban in Europe? Google‘s web stats platforms launched in 2005, and since then, an estimated 4.8 million companies have used it to track and report … Lire la suite

Will intermodal transport be the future of transportation by 2050?
March 16, 2022

Will intermodal or multimodal transport be the future of transportation by 2050? At a time when climate change is looming large, and the current economic situation will probably, like it or … Lire la

Trust is at the heart of the digital economy
March 10, 2022

The trust of consumers in the digital economy is a key element in their relationship with brands. An Adobe study conducted in November 2021 on the topic of customer experience … Lire la suite

What could be the potential applications for the Metaverse in B2B?
March 02, 2022

At a time when Facebook was renamed as Meta, the so-called Metaverse (check Merriam Webster’s definition) is on everybody’s lips. Whereas experts are still wondering whether there is such a … Lire la

Behind the scenes of an Art auction with NFTs
February 04, 2022

The sale of Art with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) is not yet mainstream. It is still an emerging form of selling that is not always easy to understand, though it can … Lire la suite

Website search quality: why it’s bad and how it can be improved
December 22, 2021

How can Website search quality be improved? Marketers, according to a survey we conducted on behalf of Yext seem to be well aware of the link between customer experience and onsite search … Lire la su

The unrelenting rise of high-end business to business e-commerce
December 03, 2021

For a long time, as far as business to business was concerned, e-commerce was only a solution for low-end mass-market B2B products. High-end B2B businesses were supposedly immune and went on with thei

Networking and Growing Your B2B Business with LinkedIn
October 19, 2021

Walking down the roads of strategic thinking for professional networking or business building, most of us would agree to name LinkedIn as a well-built pathway to tread on. What’s better … Lire la suit

Online Roundtable: Impact of website research on CX (survey)
October 16, 2021

Website search, i.e. searching for information or a product on a website (rather than on a search engine such as Bing, Duckduckgo or Google), is a topic that is rarely … Lire la suite