English language Visionary Marketing Podcasts

English language Visionary Marketing Podcasts

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Leadership: a “digital” transformation should be called transformation
March 29, 2021

A “digital” transformation should just be called a transformation and it’s a question of leadership. Full stop. Such is the conclusion of my interview with my friend Minter Dial who … Lire la suite

B2B Complex sales: how to convince buyers in 2021
February 17, 2021

All B2B sales processes weren’t created equal. In B2B there are complex sales and B2B mass markets. Let us focus here on complex sales and try and understand how B2B … Lire la suite

New trends in product searches and the future of e-commerce
January 27, 2021

With the current pandemic, the digitisation of business has sped up considerably. Hence, I was asking myself questions about the future of e-commerce. To find out, I interviewed Rob Van Nuenen … Lire la suite

Covid-19 threatening contact centres with extinction
December 22, 2020

Contact centres might be threatened with extinction. Covid-19 changed digital experiences for businesses and customers to a point that the new normal for contact centres may be no contact centres … Lire la suite

When video interviewing gives market research a new dimension
October 26, 2020

Video interviewing can enhance market research greatly and even take it into a new dimension, including sentiment analysis. To find out why and how, I have interviewed Carl Wong, the … Lire la suite

Digital-First: B2B Businesses Should Transition to a New Marketing Model
October 16, 2020

We’ve been urging B2B companies to transform digitally for many years. Now, COVID-19 has put so much pressure on everyone that even the most reluctant of businesses have finally moved … Lire la suite