Energy News Beat Podcast

Energy News Beat Podcast

News Beat 129 - The Fossil Fuel Tug of War: Ghost Tankers Delivering Billion-Dollar Oil to Syria, while Climate Reparations Remain Unpaid and Exxon Crushes Net Zero Dreams

May 23, 2023

Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 - Intro

03:12 - 17 Iranian ‘Ghost Tankers’ Bring Oil Worth $1 Billion to Syria

05:57 - Marathon oil keeps growing and providing long term value

08:53 - $209bn a year is what fossil fuel firms owe in climate reparations. We want that paid

12:08 - Exxon Crushes Progressive Dreams That “Net Zero” Has Any Chance By 2050: It Would Mean Collapse In “Global Standard Of Living”

15:45 - Market Updates

23:44 - Outro

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