Energy News Beat Podcast

Energy News Beat Podcast

ENB #114 - Steve Blackwell, CEO, Inveto Energy Partners - How has SVB impacted the market, family office investing, how do we prepare for the rest of 2023?

April 14, 2023

A great conversation with Steve Blackwell, CEO, Inveto Energy Partners, right after he got back from being on a panel at a family office investors conference.

00:00 - Intro

01:43 - Knowing Steve Blackwell and how he started Invito Energy Partners

05:01 - Steve Talks about Family Office Event

07:43 - Talks about Steve`s Thought process and what he was able to do in the new structures he is building

12:06 - Talks about what Happened with SVB and Steves thoughts about due dillegence on the bank

17:45 - Talks about Alternative Investing and Tax Deduction

24:23 - Talks about Oil and Gas Investment

26:40 - Talks about Investing on ENERGY, Why Investing on Oil is better than Natural Gas

32:42 - Whats coming around the corner for Steve Blackwell

33:51 - Where can you find Steve Blackwell

35:04 - Outro

Please reach out to Steve on his LinkedIn HERE: