Energy News Beat Podcast

Energy News Beat Podcast

ENB # 152 Tucker Perkins, CEO, Critical issues around low-cost reliable energy and solutions to a net zero goal

November 14, 2023

Energy poverty is a real thing. We have to look at solutions that take care of the environment while providing low-cost energy for humanity. I just had the opportunity to visit with leaders from Africa and the last mile.

Please sit back, and enjoy our discussion with Tucker. You can connect with Tucker on his LinkedIn HERE:

The Propane Council is HERE:

00:00 - Intro

01:07 - How did you get your podcast started?

01:50 - Overview of Propane Council involvement, current activities, and priorities

04:46 - Importance of propane in the energy transformation, focusing on environmental benefits and global observations

09:58 - Urgency and challenges of global energy transition, emphasizing human impact and opportunities in Africa

16:26 - Critical role of propane in providing affordable and reliable energy, stressing the importance of education and changing perceptions

21:03 - Evolving landscape of renewable fuels, confidence in renewable propane and natural gas, and their contributions to sustainability

25:52 - Challenges of transitioning to electric trucks, advocating for propane in medium and heavy-duty vehicles, addressing issues of mineral resources and holistic energy security

31:43 - Discussion on challenges and misconceptions surrounding hydrogen, advocating for practical, immediate actions with propane

36:03 - Contact information for the speaker and podcast

38:35 - Outro

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