Energy News Beat Podcast

Energy News Beat Podcast

ENB 200 – Weekly Recap: BRICS Expansion, Texas Energy Resilience, and Global Energy Trends

September 02, 2023

Highlights of the Podcast

00:00 - Intro

02:28 - BRICS Economic Bloc Expands Adding Iran, Argentina, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Ethiopia During Summit

03:52 - BRICS will control 80% of the World’s Oil Production by Jan 1, 2024. Biden Loses Saudi Arabia

05:09 - BRICS’ Expansion Is Beneficial But It Also Isn’t Without Strategic Challenges

09:11 - Made in Germany, fueled in America

12:04 - Power grids are using more natural gas as wind power fails in summer heat

14:48 - Oil And Gas Success In Texas And New Mexico – What Does It Mean For Renewable Energies?

17:32 - Outro

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