The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question Episode 33 - Chuck McConnell, Energy Center Officer for the UH Center for Carbon Management

March 29, 2023

In Episode 33 of The Energy Question Podcast, David Blackmon interviews Chuck McConnell, Energy Center Officer for the University of Houston Center for Carbon Management.

David and McConnell conduct a wide-ranging discussion related to Chuck's work at the University of Houston, the potential for carbon capture and storage along the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Louisiana, and Chuck's involvement in and leadership efforts with the Carbon Neutral Coalition.

Run of Show:

01:30 - Chuck's role at the UH Center for Carbon Management, and the importance of the work there

05:30 - How CCS helps improve the sustainability of the oil and gas industry through synergies in staffing and other factors

10:00 - How the business community is increasingly recognizing CCS as not just an environmental opportunity, but a business opportunity

11:10 - Chuck's work at the Carbon Neutral Coalition - Workforce of the Future

14:30 - The magnitude of the CCS opportunity for Texas

18:40 - Why acceptance and adoption of CCU by the business community is so important

20:00 - What Texas has done and is continuing to from a policy standpoint

23:30 - The potential for the "U" part of CCUS - Utilization

26:40 - Is knee-jerk opposition to CCS diminishing over time?

29:30 - How 45Q tax credit enables commercialization of CCS projects

31:00 - Why the energy transition is not going to be cheaper in any way

33:00 - Close

Link to the UH Center for Carbon Management:

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