The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question: Episode 94 - Karr Ingham and Stuart Turley

April 01, 2024

In Episode 94 of "The Energy Question" podcasts the oil and gas industry, featuring guests like Karr Ingham from the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. In a recent episode, they explored the Texas Petro Index, economic impacts, and technology advancements. They emphasized the industry's significance in Texas, and discussed regulatory challenges, government policies, and concerns about initiatives like the Green New Deal.

Highlights of the Podcast

01:18 - The purpose of the Texas Petro Index 

04:59 - State revenue taxes from the oil and gas industry 

08:22 - The global LNG powers

08:48 - Where the index stands right now

09:52 - The all time high of the Texas Petro

11:35 - Ne all time production records 

13:38 - T benefit of the American people 

15:37 - One of the key reasons for Texas success

17:22 - What's happening at the Alliance 

20:30 - The Eagle Ford 

22:21 - One of the very most effective voices for our industry in Texas

23:23 - The only Texans organization that directly plays in DC.

27:19 - Pieces of legislation from decades ago

29:23 - About the extraordinary economic impact of the industry in Texas

34:53 - The Texas Alliance of Energy Producers

35:53 - The great doctor Walter Williams

37:26 - The essence of trade and free trade and energy trade

38:47 - The Green New Deal