The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question: Episode 92 - Doug Sandridge and Stu

March 29, 2024

In episode 92 of "The Energy Question," Stuart Turley and Doug Sandridge discuss the importance of nuclear energy in addressing global energy needs and climate change. They highlight the support from oil and gas executives for nuclear energy and share experiences advocating for it. The conversation emphasizes the necessity of diverse energy sources to meet growing demand and ensure sustainability. The episode concludes with a call to action for listeners to engage politically and financially in supporting energy solutions like nuclear power.

Highlights of the Podcast

02:29 -The Declaration of Oil and Gas executives 

03:14 - The policy positions of all of the Democrat candidates for president 

04:12 - The hurdles to net zero carbon emissions 

05:07 - The Indian Point nuclear power plant in New York

06:01 - One of the foremost nuclear advocates in the country 

07:44 - Spain just announced they're going to shut down the rest of their nuclear power plants 

08:05 - Interviewed Grace Stanke

10:46 - The biggest funders of the Democratic Party 

10:55 - The good news 

11:39 - Nuclear folks in California 

13:13 - The Wall Street Journal

16:06 - Germany to protest nuclear war

17:07 - Oil and gas executives 

20:27 - Texas nuclear is a solid

22:34 - The EV charging hospital

23:35 - The United States