The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question: Episode 91 - Dr. Robert Brooks, CEO of RBAC

March 29, 2024

In Episode 91 of The Energy Question, David Blackmon talks with Dr. Robert Brooks, the CEO of RBAC. 

RBAC is the market leading supplier of global and regional gas and LNG market simulation systems. These systems provide industry analysts powerful tools for supporting investment and M&A strategy, environmental and sustainability goals, credible risk analysis, trading strategy and policy development and assessment. RBAC's products and expertise help companies go beyond the narratives and hype to identify the opportunities and define the risks inherent in the uncertainties of energy transition using reality and fact-based fundamentals and analysis.


RBAC Website:

Highlights of the Podcast

02:34 - Energy market simulation systems

05:14 - The company provides software products to the energy industry

07:47 - G2M2 Global gas market model

09:19 - The global LNG markets

15:22 - The transit agreement on Russian gas pipelines across Ukraine

18:35 - The resilience of the market

20:58 - Real major impact on the industry

24:07 - Southeast Asia could grow

27:39 - The U.S. domestic delivery system for natural gas