The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question: Episode 88 - Energy Analyst Dr. Tammy Nemeth

March 27, 2024

In Episode 88 of The Energy Question, David Blackmon interviews energy expert Dr. Tammy Nemeth, who writes and talks about energy issues from her dual homes in Canada and the UK. Tammy and David are also podcasting partners on the Energy Realities Podcast, along with Stu Turley and Irina Slav. 

Highlights of the Podcast

3:00 - the Wind Industry's ongoing grift in the UK

6:00 - the UK Labor Party's plans to nationalize the power grid

7:30 - David goes on a rant about the Texas grid

8:30 - Tammy discusses the problems heavy EVs pose to guardrails, roads and bridges

11:00 - Total global price tag of the energy transition

15:00 - Siemens demand for more subsidies from governments for Big Wind

16:00 - Solar producers also making similar demands

16:40 - Are wind and solar really "cheap"?

18:00 - How free and fair elections are incompatible with a planned, subsidized energy transition

21:00 - Are we headed towards a society based on 'corporate socialism'?

24:20 - Impacts of climate policies on farming;

27:00 - Why is UK trending to the Labor Party when the rest of Europe is trending conservative?

32:30 - Trudeau's relationship with John Podesta

Tammy's website:

Tammy at X: @thenemethreport8187  

Tammy at LinkedIN: T Nemeth