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The Energy Question

The Energy Question: Episode 90 - Genevieve Collins, TX Director, Americans for Prosperity

March 28, 2024

In episode 90 of The Energy Question Podcast, David Blackmon catches up with Genevieve Collins, Texas State Director at Americans for Prosperity.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:55 - The Texas legislative session

03:25 - Americans for prosperity

05:06 - Unleashing American Energy

07:34 - The permitting process

11:27 - Real opportunity for innovation

15:06 - The problem for nuclear

17:23 - When Texas is energy dominant, America's energy abundant

17:42 - Genevieve Collins' outlook on this election this year?

22:52 - The illegal immigration situation at the border

27:47 - The story in the promise of Texas

In this episode, Genevieve gives us an update on her organization's current activities, including a new initiative it calls "Unleashing American Energy."