The Energy Question

The Energy Question

The Energy Question: Episode 87 - Doomberg

March 27, 2024

In Episode 87 of The Energy Question, David Blackmon is joined by Stu Turley in a live interview from the floor of the NAPE conference with the great green chicken we all know and love as Doomberg for discussion about current events in the energy space.

Highlights of the Podcast

2:00 - Cogent Analysis review. Doomberg looks back at reasons why the US hasn't entered into a recession.

5:30 - Doomberg talks about the importance of regulatory and legal certainty for energy investors.

7:30 - US has set production records for oil, gas, and refining runs during the Biden years.

9:00 - How new Biden regulatory actions will impact the US business climate - will carbon emissions go down?

12:50 - China's role in energy markets and coal/oil consumption and use.

14:00 - Doomberg discusses the P7 - the largest population countries outside the G7.

15:10 - Malthusian thinking in the climate movement.

16:50 - Unintended consequences from bad public policy moves.

18:20 - Why Peak cheap oil is a myth.

20:00 - A "sea of cheap hydrocarbons" have saved the US from recession.

21:40 - Germany going back to natural gas after retiring all its nuclear. 

22:30 - Prospects for hydrogen.

24:30 - Carbon tax unlikely for the US.

25:30 - Wind industry teetering on the brink?

28:00 - Renewable/EV policies are luxuries of the wealthy.

32:15 - Doomberg views on low rig count/record production phenomenon.


Doomberg on Substack: