EMplify by EB Medicine

EMplify by EB Medicine

Episode 38 - COVID-19 Update: An Interview with Andrea Duca, MD

March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Update 03-18-2020 - An interview with Andrea Duca, MD, Emergency Physician in Bergamo, Italy

Time Stamps:

01:29 Dr. Andrea Duca introduction.

02:05 What were your shifts like at the start of the epidemic?

04:50 Were you testing patients for CoOVID-19 initially?

05:08 Were the COVID-19 tests completed in-house or sent out to a government lab?

05:35 The arrival of the first cases. Then… and now.

07:03 What percent of your daily volume is due to COVID-19 patients?

08:17 Are COVID-19 patients diverted to a regional facility?

09:13 Are you still testing patients for COVID-19 today?

09:57 What is your current medication protocol?

10:35 Which antivirals are you currently using?

10:54 Hydroxychloroquine

11:14 Do you use non-invasive ventilation?

13:35 What kind of isolation do you use, airborne or droplet?

14:46 Do you put on new PPE as you go room to room?

15:21 What PPE do you currently use?

15:38 When did you create dirty and clean zones in the emergency department?

16:45 Do you have a dirty and clean side in the waiting room?

17:03 What is your annual emergency department volume? Daily volume?

18:04 How many treatment rooms are in your emergency department?

18:38 What percent of patients are admitted? Do you have borders?

19:54 Where do discharged patients go?

20:14 Have you personally been infected?

20:58 Do you test your staff who are ill? What is your protocol for infected staff?

22:46 What percent of the ED staff were sick at any given time? And inpatient nurses?

24:00 How did you deal with so many inpatient nurses being sick?

24:36 What are your surgeons, who cannot operate, currently doing?

25:35 Are you running out of non-invasive ventilation equipment?

26:20 Summary of current workflow for infected staff.

26:36 How do you use ultrasound for COVID-19 patients in the ED?

29:50 What criteria must a patient meet to be discharged?

31:00 EMS and their role in community screening.

32:20 What are you looking for on ultrasound examination?

34.42 What size chest tube are you utilizing for a pneumothorax in a patient with positive pressure ventilation?

26:33 What inpatient location are patients sent to? By what criteria?

37:05 Have you seen any infected pregnant patients or staff?

38:02 Have you seen any infected children?

38:43 Are you still testing patients? How many times are you testing them?

39:21 What psychological support do you have for staff?

42:25 What would you have liked to know early on, that yo