Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine

Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine

The D'Luxe Nuts: Nuts for all things Luxe - our real life real estate recap of Luxe Listings Sydney Season 1

March 30, 2022

Which White was calling Gavin Rubinstein? Will Simon’s Cohen’s assistant Tammy stay or go? Can Queen D’Leanne retain her real estate crown? And, has the Castle officially sold?

Season 1 of Luxe Listings Sydney offered plenty of cliffhangers, and we’re just days away from learning how they might be resolved, with Series 2 set to premiere on April 1.

But it wasn’t just the stunning vistas of Sydney, the friendly rivalry between agents and the cheeky glint of Gavin’s charming smile that had the real estate industry and wider public hooked on the surprise TV hit of 2021.

Beyond the luxury properties, high-end cars and vendors and buyers who were characters in their own right were some salient real estate lessons that translate to every market in the country.

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In this Luxe Edition of ‘nuts for luxe’ Samantha McLean and special guest Dave Skow recap the last season of Luxe Listings, bringing you up to speed on all the goss, all the glam, and all the Gav you can handle (spoiler alert…with one-liners like Gav’s, you’ll never get enough).

They also examine all the real estate lessons that translate from the budgie smuggling beauty and YSL wearing chic of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs right through to any market, anywhere, including Dave’s former hometown of Wagga.

And yes, there are big insights to be gleaned. From the gentlemanly charm of the industry’s nicest guy Michael Pallier, to the swift retorts of A Grade auctioneer Damien Cooley and the enigmatic empathy of Queen D’Leanne in her element, Luxe Listings Season 1 showcased some serious real estate skills that every agent can learn from.

There’s open home tips from Gav, negotiating skills from Simon, and vendor management insight from D’Leanne that no agent can afford to miss.

Which is why we’re all waiting with bated breath for the arrival of Season 2 which drops on April 1 on Amazon Prime.

This year, we’re set to bring you all the best highlights each week in a podcast that covers all that has unfolded along with key takeaways on real estate practice, with new podcasts dropping every Saturday.

Samantha and Dave discuss:
  • Why D’Leanne Lewis is a great example of how to keep your cool in the most challenging of circumstances.
  • How Gavin Rubinstein approaches marketing and what really constitutes a TRG property.
  • How Simon Cohen became the buyer’s agent of choice, setting the standard for buyers agents in the industry.
  • Why Michael Pallier is the epitome of the gentleman of real estate and uses his superpower to attract high quality properties, vendors and buyers.
  • How to negotiate with even the toughest of vendors and most particular of buyers to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • When to negotiate, how to go above and beyond, and when and why you might need to occasionally walk away.
  • How to introduce a new generation to the industry, retain talent, engender loyalty and foster the talents of an assistant.

And much, much more…

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