Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine

Elevate: The Official Podcast of Elite Agent Magazine

Making a difference: Adrian Butera on how to work with community, be memorable and become an agent of choice

March 17, 2022

As the Managing Director of Compton Green, Adrian Butera has long had a reputation as the type of agent who supports his community and gives without expectation.

From working with Rotary to actively tackling environmental issues in property management, he’s a real estate professional who likes to get stuck in and assist when people need it most.

And yes, he concedes community service provides some real estate rewards, but that’s not the reason he does it.

As Adrian notes, you are either the type of person who gives back or you’re not, and for him it comes naturally in the knowledge real estate agents are often the go-to person when it comes to community support.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Samantha McLean, Adrian reflects on a career defined by community service.

He offers an insight into where agents can start their journey of community involvement, including tips on working with the causes they align with, and how this helps build genuine relationships.

Adrian also shares an insight into the experience of climbing to Everest Base Camp, and how that subsequently informed his real estate career, including the challenges of navigating Covid-19 lockdowns in Victoria.

As an industry professional with 30-years’ experience, Adrian looks at what has changed in real estate in recent years, and how that has influenced his role as an award-winning auctioneer.

He offers an insight into why he started an environmental initiative aimed squarely at property management and shares how other agents can use similar strategies as a major point of difference.

“If there’s one thing that you can do, it’s be memorable. Be memorable in every element of our vocation. Whether you’re a property manager or a sales person, whether it’s your social media page or whether it’s a completely different career – if you can be memorable, I think that’s a pretty good outcome,” Adrian Butera.


Adrian and Samantha also discuss:
  • How Adrian selects the community initiatives he is involved with, and why it’s only natural agents should play a role in their community.
  • Adrian’s advice when it comes to getting involved in your community, including where and how you can start.
  • The benefits of community involvement but why it can never be about giving in order to receive.
  • How Adrian came to start an environmental initiative targeted at improving the sustainability of rental properties, and how that was received.
  • How other agencies can come on board and make an environmental difference and why that can ultimately benefit your business.
  • What climbing Mt Everest taught Adrian about real estate, and how he applied those learnings throughout Covid-19 lockdowns and beyond.
  • The way Covid-19 impacted Adrian’s award-winning auctioneering style, and how he’s keen to take those lessons into the future.
  • The changes that the last few years have inspired in Adrian’s business and how he believes they are key to the industry’s future.
  • Why Adrian is committed to continually innovating and reinventing and how that has helped sustain a lengthy career.
  • Why Adrian believes being memorable is the key to a happy and successful real estate career.

Plus much, much more…

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