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Code Philosophy: Why Worse is Better (Ep. 15)
January 26, 2021

The Zombie Coder is back for a new season! Todays episode focuses on one of the Zombies key coding philosophies: Worse is Better. Learn about the history of the phrase and join the Cult of Done if

After Hours and Season 2 Preview (Ep 14)
December 12, 2020

In this episode I’ll talk a bit about plans for the next season of Zombie Coder, and review some of the lessons learned over the past several months. Look for more episodes to resume after the new year! Music: https://audionautix.com

CS Topics: Welcome to Hash World (Ep. 13)
November 19, 2020

In this episode, I conclude a series on Merkle Trees – or, the key technology and ideas behind distributed systems. I hope this episode captures your imagination to the potential applications of the distributed web. Resources and Links: https://www.

Avoiding Death March Projects
November 13, 2020

What is a death march project? Recognizing Death March projects is easier than you might expect, and avoiding them means simply setting your own boundaries. Death March [Amazon]: The “standard” book describing death march projects. https://www.pmi.

CS Topics: Rand and Xor Magic
November 06, 2020

In this week’s episode, we dive a bit deeper into the underlying theory behind how random numbers and the importance behind the XOR operator when creating hashes. This episode does depend on pre-existing knowledge of basic boolean operators.

Nix News: Embedded Linux Update
October 29, 2020

Today I’ll cover my major take-homes from a couple embedded Linux conferences that I (virtually) attended. Subjects: Let’s be positive All about embedded linux Be prepared: Containers are coming! (Someone please make docker-lite for embedded!

Hope for the Camel’s Second Hump
October 22, 2020

Today I offer some advice for those currently staring down the barrel of failing midterm grades for CS and Engineering students. The Camel Doesn’t Have Two Humps – Commentary on the retraction of the oft-mentioned article on Computer Science being bi-m...

CS Topics: Hash Functions
October 15, 2020

Today we cover one of the primary building blocks for blockchain – Hash Functions. References: Introduction to Algorithms 3rd Ed. (CLRS) pg. 262 FNV Algorithm Wikipedia SHA-2 Page

Episode 7 – XLS, XLSX What is Difference?
October 08, 2020

Today I cover a small “oops” from the UK health center, and extend some thoughts on its relationship to “Real Programming”.

Episode 6 – Sanity while remote for coders
October 01, 2020

How Im trying to keep sane while working remote. Some basic guidelines Ive adopted over years of remote work.