Edible-Alpha® Podcast

Edible-Alpha® Podcast

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How SAGE revitalizes agriculture near cities
September 05, 2019

SAGE contributes to the food system by helping elevate the data around the impact of food and agriculture in a way that helps people understand the connections between this sector and the rest of society and the economy.

Visualizing The Food System With Kitchen Sync Strategies
August 15, 2019

You can visualize the food system actors of an area in an easy to understand way, similar to a social network analysis.

“Rolling Up Your Sleeves” – How KTC Does Effective Food Business Consulting
August 01, 2019

KTC “rolls up their sleeves” alongside the clients to help them implement their recommendations.

Hospital-Based Farming - A Bridge To Community Health And Wellness
July 03, 2019

The farm isn’t just a physical location that grows produce - it is part of a commitment by the hospital system to extend healthcare and wellness beyond the hospital campus and empower the community to lead healthier lives.

Transforming a Food Pantry into an Engine for Rural Prosperity
June 11, 2019

More than just a food pantry, the Livingston Food Resource Center seeks to address the underlying causes of poverty by spuring economic development.

Leveraging Plant Based Foods For Rural Prosperity
May 23, 2019

Consumer demand is suggesting the future of rural Montana might lay in fulfilling a plant forward diet.

The Chesterhill Produce Auction: A Catalyst For Produce Producers
May 09, 2019

Going once, going twice! How a produce auction is providing economic opportunities for farmers in rural Ohio.

At Evolve Brands, Strategy is Everything
April 23, 2019

From your product size to your store placement to how you talk to store buyers, it all comes down to strategy.

How The Fair Food Fund’s Patient Capital Yields Great Impact
March 21, 2019

Financing for good food businesses is important. But combining it with technical assistance and networking yields greater impact.

Tim Keane On Golden Angels Investors’ Funding Philosophy
March 07, 2019

Tim’s core questions to the entrepreneur are: how will you get paid, and when, and by whom? These questions help the entrepreneur understand the fundamental dynamics of their business and identify any potential cash flow issues.