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eyeClarity Podcast

Dr. Berne Weighs In on his Bundles

January 19, 2023

Using science-based research, I’ve developed my own collection that will boost your eye health and wellness. I’ve organized these into different bundles based on different aspects of your eyes and vision and, of course, your interests. So I wanted to dig a little deeper and share more about this new offering. Enjoy the show.

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Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Sam, I’d like to welcome you to my EyeClarity podcast. This is a show that offers cutting edge information on how to improve your vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. I so appreciate you spending part of your day with me. If you have questions, you can send them to hello@drsamberne.com.


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Hello, everyone, it’s Dr. Sam, I’d like to welcome you to my EyeClarity podcast. This is a show that offers cutting edge information on how to improve your vision and overall wellness through holistic methods. I so appreciate you spending part of your day with me. If you have questions, you can send them to hello@drsamberne.com.

Hey everybody it’s Dr. Sam and I’d like to welcome you to my EyeClarity podcast. Before we get to today’s show, you can always text me your questions 1-844-932-1291 Or send me an email hello@drsamberne.com.

I’ve got a couple of great workshops coming up in March in Southern California. I’ll be in San Diego March 5, LA March 7, and Santa Barbara March 12 doing my famous masterclass. I’m back doing that again in person. This is a great way to work with me one on one, if you’ve got an issue that you haven’t been able to solve. Register Here.

And I’ll be doing some book events. As you know, my new book, Vital Vision is coming out the end of February, we’re in a pre sale right now. So if you want to order the book, you’ll get a discount. And there are also some events happening. You can sign up and we can do an online workshop that’s going to be happening in April. Also, you can get some coaching one on one sessions with me if you buy the book, and I’ll be doing a gathering in Santa Fe in September. This is gonna be a small group at my geo-dome. So if you’d like to register for that, we’d love to have you.

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So a few announcements, my new book is coming out vital vision clear eyed solutions for midlife and beyond. This is my newest offering. And I’m very excited about the release, it will be released February 28. And there are different ways that you can participate in buying the book, you can just buy it and you get a discount. You can also buy the book and you can receive some zoom telemedicine sessions from me. And also, if you buy the book, you can also participate in my Saturday, April 29. online workshop, there are only 20 slots available. This is an exclusive workshop where you get some one on one time with me. So if you’re interested in that, and then finally, if you want to join me live in person here at the geo dome in Santa Fe, I will be doing a live event. The dates will be September 16 and 17th 2023. Again, this will be limited the 20 people are going to have it here on my property. So you can look for that we’re in the plat, we’re at the platinum level. So you can go to my website and look for that we have silver, gold and platinum.

This is the platinum level where you get access to me for two days, we’re going to do some very interesting things cutting edge things and energy medicine workshop that’s related to your vision, your brain, your health, we’re going to talk about red light therapy. Oh, that’s a hot topic right now. And so if you want to participate, just go to my website and look under the vital vision picture and you can click on that and see what the offerings are. I’m also going to be offering a few masterclasses I haven’t done this since 2018. And of course, with COVID, I had to discontinue the live master classes. So this is a really exciting event. I’m going to be doing one on Sunday, March 5, in San Diego, march 7 in Los Angeles. And I’m going to be doing one, probably March 9 or 10th. We’re figuring out the the venue up in the Santa Barbara area. So in Southern California, I probably will be doing it in other places as well. But I only take six people for this, and you get zoom sessions, you get one on one session live with me.

And it’s really a great way to take your vision and health to the next level. So again, you can look on my website and look under classes, and you’ll be able to sign up if you’ve got any questions, you can contact our team. hello@drsamberne.com. So I’m getting a lot of questions about my bundles. And so I thought I would spend today’s show talking about this new aspect that I’m bringing in. And this has occurred because I’ve gotten so many emails from people that say, okay, you know, I’ve got macular degeneration, how do I improve my macular health? What do I need to take? What do I need to do or somebody that wants information on how to improve their lens health if they’ve got early stage cataracts? I also get other questions on glaucoma and how to protect the optic nerve. I get tons of questions on blue light and how it’s affecting our vision from being on screen time. And then of course, the last one is floaters. That’s probably the biggest question I get. So what can you do to improve vitreous health? So I’m gonna start on that one. And you know, I’ve talked about The importance of collagen health with the vitreous. And as we get older a lot of times the vitreous chamber the gel sac loses its collagen integrity. So it either shrinks, that’s usually what happens.

Or sometimes it hydrates too much. There’s an imbalance between the water, the amino acids and the collagen in the vitreous. And this is creating the floater situation that so many people are frustrated with. So I came up with a package only three items you need to get one is our 15%. MSM eyedrops, they speak for themselves. And if you’re not sure, you can actually go to my MSM, customer review section of my website, and you can read the customer reviews. My whole health I vitamin is really off the charts in terms of having everything in it that you need to support, eye health and better eye circulation. Things like taurine, gingko, bilberry, vitamin A and zinc, lutein and zeaxanthin just to name a few. So that’s a very important formula for you to take for anything but it’s really great for vitreous health. And then number three is the vitamin E.

And, you know, I’ve talked about in other podcasts, the value of the toe Katrina’s This is a new form of vitamin D, it actually is sourced from an annatto tree, and a Natto is the richest source of tocotrienols that we can get. And there have been numerous studies done on the value of this new form of vitamin D, in supporting our eye health. And so those are the three aspects, the three products that I would suggest for your vitreous health. Alright, let’s move to optic nerve, so the optic nerve is in the back of the eye. It’s such a critical part of the connection between the retina and the brain. And when we have problems with eye pressure, specifically glaucoma, but we can also have things like inflammation of the optic nerve, which is very serious. The key point is that the optic nerve reflects our peripheral vision, our visual fields, and when we’re diagnosed with glaucoma or any kind of optic nerve issue, there are things that we can do to protect our optic nerve.

And I’m going to go through those, there’s four things that I suggest number one, my omega three, Omega three has been shown to be super helpful for brain health, eye health. In fact, 50% of the retina is made up of fatty acids. So the Omega three is critical for protecting your optic nerve. Number two, back to my home health I formula. This is again, very helpful, especially because of the taurine, gingko bilberry that’s in this formula. I’ve also put in things like curcumin, green tea, lipoic acid, vitamin A, and these things are really good building blocks for our optic nerve health. And then the vitamin E again is very important studies have shown Vitamin E is super helpful for optic nerve health, retinal health, especially in the form of the Toka Trino. But my number four all star is the optic nerve formula and it has something in it called nitric oxide. You can Dr Google nitric oxide, and you’re gonna get a lot of research articles and information on the value of nitric oxide in relationship to cardiovascular health, muscular performance, overall circulation, including eyes circulation. So nitric oxide is one of those ingredients that dilates and relaxes the blood vessels. And since our retinas and our optic nerves are a sea of micro capillaries, that tiny blood vessels that are in the eye. Nitric oxide works very well at supporting proper blood vessel dilation. There’s some research out there that actually points to the value of nitric oxide, even for conditions like open angle glaucoma.


So if you’re concerned about glaucoma, if you’re concerned about your eyes circulation, the optic nerve package is really super helpful. Alright, the next one I want to go into is your lens health. Now we know that the lens of the eye is in a vascular structure, there’s no blood vessels that run through the lens. So it’s very vulnerable, susceptible to getting oxidative stress. And this oxidative stress free radical damage is the beginning of cataracts. And the percentage of people that are going to get cataracts is probably 90%. And so, through my research and you know, working with people over the years, I came up with a protocol that’s going to work really well and improving lens health. So my number one again, is the whole health I formula, I highly recommend that my number two is MSM, the 5%. MSM eyedrops will, which will lubricate and moisturize your eyes. My number three is vitamin C, this is a formula that I’ve put together, and it tastes really good. It’s high concentration, it’s got things like quercetin and roots roots in in it, natural bio flavonoids, you know, in the studies that that are out there reported, if you have low levels of vitamin C, you have higher a higher risk of developing cataracts.

My next all star is my glutathione synergy. And this is again in a powder form. And glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body. And it’s helpful for so many things, detoxification, cardiovascular, immune health, and of course, lens health. So the glutathione synergy is really, really important. And my number four, you may not have heard of this is called Berberine. And Berberine is a plant based formula, I have also put alpha lipoic acid in it. So there is a relationship between our blood sugar levels, our insulin metabolism and cataract formation. In fact, if you’re pre diabetic, if you’re diabetic, you have a much higher risk of developing cataracts. So in this Berberine formula, this particular supplement is very helpful in balancing your glucose levels, maintaining healthy insulin levels. And this is going to reduce your risk of developing cataracts. In fact, the type of cataract you get when your glucose levels are high, is the cortical cataracts, and I talked about this in some of my video blogs, you can look at those. But the bottom line is this when the glucose molecule binds to the protein molecule in the lens, this is called glycation.

And this is a very common scenario when people develop cataracts. So in this particular formula, this kind of is full circle in being able to support your lens health in a way that it really addresses so many different aspects of what causes cataracts. And so this lens health package is really great for supporting lens health. And last but not least, is Macula so the macula is the center part of the retina. It has the highest concentration of cones, and macular health is the name of the game these days because more and more people are developing macular degeneration. Now in the macula formula, I basically put in three things, saffron, my whole health and my asters Anthon. So saffron has been shown to be a very potent antioxidant that protects your Macula as his Anthon is a micro algae that’s part of that. lutein, zeaxanthin conversation. The current noids are so important in protecting macular health. So again, saffron asked to Xanthan and my whole health I vitamin, pretty simple and straightforward. All right, I’ve saved the best for last. This is about blue light, blue light protection. So if you’re on your screen, you’re getting exposed to blue light and it’s a chaotic frequency, and especially after 6pm it can dry your eyes out As it can affect your sleep cycle. And I even think in maximum exposures of blue light over time, it can start to change some of the tissue health. So in my research, what I decided to do is create a specific blue blocking vitamin.

This is really hot, because the blue blocking vitamin has lutein, zeaxanthin and Astra Xanthine in it, and it’s designed specifically to combat or deflect the damaging effects of blue lights. So that’s my number one in this blue light formula number two, I find that dry eye is a big issue. So I’m combining in the daytime. Getting the MSM eyedrops at the 5% and then getting the organic castor oil. Those of you that don’t know about my eyedrop castor oil should check it out. You know, there was a study I published on castor oil that it actually helped in reducing meibomian gland dysfunction. And the reason is, is because we’ve got our meibomian glands in the eyelashes and the meibomian glands produce the lipid part the fatty part of the tears, and in this study castor oil was a great replacement of that lipid formula and the lipid part of the tears helps the tears from evaporating. So you do the MSM drops during the day. I like to do one drop each eye four times a day and at night do the castor oil you can do the castor oil I massage or you can put the castor oil right in the eyes. So again to repeat the blue blocking vitamin, the organic castor oil and the MSM eyedrops, and if you want to throw in the blue blockers that we sell, that would also be really, really great, but it’s not a requirement. So that’s kind of a recap of the bundles. We are in a pre order stage. So if you order now you get 10% off and check it out. It’s it’s a really great collection of supplements that will support your eye health and wellness. So that’s our show for today. I want to thank you so much for your support and tuning in. I look forward to a great 2023 with you. Take care everybody.

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