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How to Reduce Myopia
January 31, 2023

Here is a session I did with a patient who is struggling with Myopia. It's a great session where we work together to create a plan that works for her. I answer questions on the plus lens to blur and e

Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision
January 30, 2023

In this episode, I give a lecture on how traumatic brain injuries can affect your vision. I discuss a variety of techniques that reduce trauma including vision therapy and color therapy. We also cover

Melatonin and the Eyes
January 26, 2023

Most people use Melatonin as a sleep aid, and that's it's main purpose, but that doesn't mean it isn't affecting other parts of your body. So I wanted to take a moment and talk about how Melatonin wor

Myopia Deep Dive with a Patient
January 24, 2023

I wanted to share this session with you where I work with a patient who is struggling with her myopia. She has a much stronger prescription in one eye than the other and so I work with her to create a

How to Build a Social Media Community
January 23, 2023

Here is a presentation I gave on how I built my social media community. I shared this with a group of entrepreneurs from Score who are interested in building a social media community. Score is a natio

Dr. Berne Weighs In on his Bundles
January 19, 2023

Using science-based research, I've developed my own collection that will boost your eye health and wellness. I've organized these into different bundles based on different aspects of your eyes and vis

How To Treat Dry Eye
January 17, 2023

Today, I want to share my newest and best information about dry eye. Many people suffer from some level of dryness throughout their life, so I want to share steps you can take to alleviate and prevent

Updates on Cataracts
January 16, 2023

Cataracts are a growing concern among people young and old, so I wanted to update you all on how to prevent and reduce cataracts holistically. I will cover the cataract basics and then jump into what'

Tips for Macular Degeneration
January 12, 2023

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness and I'm seeing more and more people diagnosed with a more serious kind, so I wanted to take some time to provide you with the latest information

Learn How to Prevent or Reduce Glaucoma
January 11, 2023

Glaucoma is what we call a silent thief. It's a silent disease. So today we are going to cover steps what Glaucoma is and then I will go over the latest steps you can take to either reduce the Glaucom