Driving Force Podcast

Driving Force Podcast

Episode 58: Chris Thomson - Co-owner & Head Coach of The Student Works Management Program

February 28, 2021

Today’s guest is Chris Thomson. Chris is the Co-owner and Head Coach of The Student Works Management Program; an entrepreneur training program for university students across Eastern Canada that helps them develop the necessary skills to become the leaders of tomorrow. The program allows these students the ability to start and run their own business for the summer, with some making over $100k of revenue their first year of business. Chris has been running this program for the past 30+ years which has helped grow over 160 millionaires and counting. Chris is also the Host of the Leaders of Tomorrow Podcast, a podcast that captures hundreds of their alumni’s stories and how they have been able to build upon the skills and values they discovered during their time in the program. In this interview, we get into Chris’s time growing up in Canada, the lessons he learned as a competitive swimmer, the evolution of the Student Works business, and all of the different ways the program grows the leaders of tomorrow.


00:03:07 Growing up in Toronto, Canada

00:06:43 Being a competitive swimmer

00:10:02 Time in college

00:14:15 First few roles after college

00:15:06 Why he joined Student Works

00:16:38 Evolution of the company over the years

00:23:34 Overview of Student Works today

00:30:10 How do they screen program applicants?

00:35:22 How students' grades are impacted by the program

00:37:53 Key skills students are learning in the program

00:41:06 Why his program is considered a "business school of the 21st century"

00:43:45 Ultimate vision for Student Works

00:45:14 How he's had to adjust the business due to Covid-19

00:52:54 What he wants to accomplish 5 years from now

00:54:01 His daily routine

00:57:55 His driving force

00:59:56 Parting words of career advice for the young professional listening