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Dream Crushing Debt Podcast

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Labor Day! A Quote To End The 3-Day Weekend
September 02, 2019

“It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.” – Theodore Roosevelt --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dreamcrushingdebt/support

Don’t Get Sucked Into “Good” Labor Day Sales
August 31, 2019

We all love a good deal and who doesn’t want to save a bit money in the process of buying the things we want and need. However, some deals aren’t as good as they seem and some deals are designed purely to get you to spend money. For example, be wary of th

Ask For A Lower Interest Rate On Your Credit Card
August 19, 2019

If part of the debt your fighting is credit card debt, give your credit card company a call and let them know you’d like to negotiate your interest rate. It’ll take a bit of your time to make the call and work through any details, but you’d be surprised j

Side-Hustle Series: Downsize on Facebook Marketplace
August 17, 2019

This might be a great idea of someone who seems to have the knack of selling things online. They know how to price things and handle negotiations. It’s a great way to de-clutter your space, but your might also start offering up your skill to others for a

Side-Hustle Series: Dog walker, Dog sitter, Landscaping, Window Washing
August 15, 2019

These are some side-hustles that can turn into some serious summer work. The only downside is you need to have the equipment to do the work. So there might be some upfront capital costs, but there are some great ideas that you can do to earn some extra mo

Side-Hustle Series: Deliver Food to People
August 13, 2019

You might not be interested in doing airport runs for strangers or picking up late-night bar goers, but you can pickup food for people who are “too busy” to go get their own food. You can get up with services like Doordash, Grubhub, and UberEats. Walmart

Side-Hustle Series: Some Simple Ways to Earn Money
August 11, 2019

With as often as we are on our phones, we might as well be productive by filling out surveys. There are lots of places out that will compensate you for your time in taking a survey to provide them with information. You can checkout places like SurveyJunki

Tips to running a marathon and achieving your dreams
August 09, 2019

DISMISS THE DISTRUCTIVE Never skip an aid station - Update budget. Listen to inspirational podcasts. Take a break. Celebrate the small wins. Comparison and Complaining will kill you! - Complaining is unattractive. The more you are critical of yourse

"Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow."
August 07, 2019

“Pay the price today so you can pay any price tomorrow.” - Grant Cardone. Put the time and effort into things the first time. And stop wasting weekends on nonsense. — This quote showed up while scrolling through LinkedIn (again) from an article of what su

How I went about buying my car
August 05, 2019

It occurred to me that I after talking about car buying tips, I never shared with you how I went about buying my car. Inspired by Ramit Sethi, I found email address for all the dealerships I was willing to buy a car from and emailed them.  --- Sup