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Mindset for Life

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#49: We Are All Excellent Storytellers
October 18, 2020

We are all excellent storytellers. We have the power within us to interpret, explain, analyze, and clarify things that happen in our lives. - This power can be used to strengthen us and open possibilities.

#47: A Self-Coaching Mindset
October 05, 2020

#47: A Self-Coaching MindsetWelcome to the Mind Set For Life podcast. This is Bethanie your coach from DrBCoach.com. Coaching with power, purpose, and practical tools to help you show up with confidence. Welcome to the podcast.

#46: A Coaching Mindset
September 28, 2020

#44: How to Get Clarity
September 14, 2020

If you have ever faced a big challenge, you're already aware; it is critical to know how to get clarity. How It Feels to Have a Big Challenge It hurts to face a big challenge and have no idea how to resolve it. It's painful, frustrating, and raw.

#43: Storytelling About the Past
September 07, 2020

  - This is episode 43, Storytelling About the Past. - Have you ever told a story about the past? Or, maybe someone in your family told it about you? And in that story, you did something silly, or odd, or embarrassing? - When that story is told,

#42: Simplify Your Life
August 30, 2020

  - Today’s podcast is about simplifying. - Have you heard of “minimalism?” It’s the idea that we don’t really need everything we have in our lives. - It could be material possessions. Or activities. Events we plan to attend.

#41: Mindset for Advocacy, or, to “Toot Your Own Horn”
August 24, 2020

Have a Mindset to Advocate for yourself, or in other Words,  “Toot Your Own Horn” Have you ever wondered how to advocate for your best traits, or "toot your own horn?" Sharing what you're good at takes a courageous, confident mindset. -

#40: Take Time to Reflect
August 17, 2020

When we take time to reflect, we create innovative solutions. We attack urgent tasks more aligned to our values and purpose. And, we balance fast, spontaneous thinking with slow, deliberate thoughts. - In today's podcast,

#39 Self-Awareness is a Mindset
August 10, 2020

Did you know that self-awareness is a mindset? Seeing ourselves, including our strengths, traits, weaknesses, and other attributes, can be a lens through which we see ourselves more clearly. Clarity comes from increased self-awareness.