Draycott Diaries

Draycott Diaries

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033 The Draycott Trophy Winner
November 21, 2020

Gerald Dally, alongside his daughter Maria, surprises and enlightens Tiggi with tales from the past about the Somerset village of Draycott. They look back at a community that has quadrupled in size since he was a small boy.

032 Draycott Community Shop One Year On
November 06, 2020

Tiggi takes a retrospective look at our community shop one year on. With personal loss, exhilaration & challenges at its core. 2020 saw lots of early excitement, but then lockdown hit us for the first time.

031 Draycott’s Deacon
October 14, 2020

Thea Oliver chats to Tiggi over coffee about her recent and massive achievement. A resident of Draycott for many years, Thea has brought up a large family. To this day she continues to work hard for her family and as a nurse practitioner.

030 Draycott Head Teacher
September 13, 2020

Will Ewens is the new Head Teacher of both Draycott & Rodney Stoke First School and Shipham First School. Two rural places of learning for young children. Both schools with a history of excellence and their locations surrounded by Somerset’s beautiful ...

029 The Draycott Charity
August 13, 2020

Helen Dance is one of the pillars of the communities of Draycott and Rodney Stoke. An experienced volunteer with CAM (Citizens Advice Mendip), Clerk of the Card Trust, Editor of the Parish newsletter and owner of 2 raucous parrots.

028 Draycott’s Version of BBC Radio4’s ‘The Listening Project’
July 13, 2020

Tiggi and Ella chat about their guide dogs Jackie and Rio. How their lives have become enriched with assistance from their canine pals. However, the road to enlightenment never runs completely smoothly! A gentle and amusing conversation between two fri...

027 Draycott Pub Confronts Covid-19
June 21, 2020

Lori Tomms, Landlady of the Strawberry Special, describes their recent renovations, all geared to safeguarding customers and staff alike. Everything is directed toward the doors re-opening as soon as the Government says GO!

026 Sight Loss – Courage and Endeavour
June 14, 2020

This is a very moving life story. Ella Caulfield is an extraordinary young lady. Living with partial sight loss as a child growing up was a massive challenge. In 2015 fate administered another bitter blow. Ella has encountered many extreme challenges t...

025 Draycott Strawberries Re-visited
June 11, 2020

Tiggi catches Chris Seager on the move for a catch up. Seagers are facing the limitations of Brexit, a wet February, followed by arguably the hottest months of April and May on record. To top everything, along came Covid-19 with the massive restriction...

024 Covid-19 and Conservation
June 07, 2020

After what was arguably the hottest May on record, Tiggi talks to local natural historian, Peter Bright. She learns about the impact of Covid-19 on flora and fauna, and the effect it has had on our wildlife.