Draycott Diaries

Draycott Diaries

049 The Draycott Pilot

February 14, 2022

John Connor is this months podcast guest.

Tiggi learns that every person she chats to on Draycott Diaries have hidden depths, and village resident jet pilot John Connor is one of them. A true biography of extremes.

Thrills of flying at over one thousand miles an hour in the notorious Phantom jet. Aerobatics at incredibly low levels and teaching rookie pilots that wont stop, regardless of the length of runway. Eject or die potentially the only option.

After a dazzling 22 years flying with the RAF, for John commercial flying became a realistic option. Tiggi tries to break code words and meanings between cabin crew and pilots in emergency situations. How badly behaved can passengers become after early morning airport drinking. And most importantly, how robust is a commercial aeroplane today?

After the smell of jet fuel subsides and with mandatory retirement, what next for John? Maybe a gentle form of flying nearer home and much nearer to the ground. A new world of discovery.

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