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Israel Abandons God | Ep. 107
May 17, 2023

The Israelites failed to drive out all the people in the Promised Land and now "they will be thorns in your side," according to the Lord. The influence of the Canaanites, the people they were supposed

Israel Fails to Finish Conquest | Ep. 106
May 10, 2023

God had wanted the Israelites to drive the people completely out of the Promised Land. But they didn’t, and all these different tribes of people were now living with the Israelites in the Promised Lan

Who is Israel Going to Be? | Ep. 105
May 03, 2023

With Gods help, the Israelites just conquered the Promised Land...well, most of it. They didnt get the conquest completely finished. And they also made the peace with the Hivites, and they didnt al

Israel Is At Rest | Ep. 104
April 26, 2023

God has given Israel's enemies over to them, and they have been victorious. But now with the defeat of the Southern and Northern kingdoms, the Israelites have officially won the war. That means peace

Joshua Conquers Northern Canaan | Ep. 103
April 19, 2023

News of the southern kingdom's downfall to Joshua and the Israelites reached the northern kingdom. All the enemies of the Lord now gathered together and united in one large army to battle the Israelit

Joshua Conquers the South | Ep. 102
April 12, 2023

We are back! After a little break, we continue to follow the Israelites as they conquer the Promised Land. In today's devotion, Joshua fights the kings of the southern cities and tribes. God fights fo

SPECIAL 100th Episode: Kids’ Questions Answered (Part 2) | Ep. 101
January 25, 2023

We continue to answer questions submitted by our kid listeners in Part 2 of our celebrating 100 episodes of our podcast: What is the difference between angels and archangels? How was God here b

SPECIAL 100th Episode: Kids’ Questions Answered (Part 1) | Ep. 100
January 18, 2023

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 100th devotion! By the grace of God and our amazing audience, we are here for another 100! In Part 1 of our 2-part episode, we will be answering questions submitt

Epiphany Devotion: Jesus, Light of the World | Ep. 099
January 11, 2023

Epiphany is the feast day of light. This is the day we remember the visit of the Magi (or wise men) to visit the child Jesus at his house in Bethlehem. Today, we dont see Jesus as the Wise Men did

Christmas Devotion: The 12 Days of Christmas | Ep. 098
January 04, 2023

Christmas doesnt end on Christmas Day - as a matter of fact, its just beginning! The 12 days of Christmas is the shortest season in the Church Year. Day 1 is Christmas Day. The last day of the Chris