Donuts and Devos

Donuts and Devos

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Crossing The Red Sea “Part 1” | Ep. 058
July 28, 2021

God was leading the Israelites out of Egypt and to the land that He had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This is where they would live with God in peace and rest and safety. And they wouldn’t be

The Exodus | Ep. 057
July 14, 2021

The Israelites were trapped in Egypt for 430 years. Most of that time was spent in bondage, in slavery. After the final plague, Pharaoh finally let them go. The Israelites, foreign people, and even so

The Final Plague of Egypt | Ep. 056
June 30, 2021

God told Moses and Aaron what they would need to do to protect the Israelites from the final plague – the death of the firstborn son throughout the entire land of Egypt. These instructions marked the

Passing Over God’s People | Ep. 055
June 16, 2021

The land of Egypt is devastated from the nine plagues that God sent after Pharaoh's unbelief and hardened heart, God threatens one more final plague - the death of every firstborn male. Except for the Iraelites - the angel of death will "pass over" the...

The Plagues of Egypt | Ep. 054
June 09, 2021

Pharaoh’s heart was hardened against God, which meant that he was rejecting God. God unleashed His judgment on Egypt, giving Pharaoh chance after chance to listen and obey. God didn’t want the people to suffer. He didn’t want Pharaoh to suffer.

Staffs, Serpents and Signs | Ep. 053
June 02, 2021

God showed his power and supremacy over the wisdom and signs of the Egyptians. Nothing can stop the Lord from saving his people, Israel. Not Pharoah, not serpents, not even the devil. As Aaron's snake swallowed up the other snakes in front of Pharaoh,

God Promises Deliverance | Ep. 052
May 26, 2021

The people of Israel were still in slavery, their work made even harder by Pharaoh's decree to take their straw away. "Why, O Lord?" cried Moses as he once again questioned his ability to do as God commanded and lead the people out of Egypt. Yet,

Idle People: Making Bricks Without Straw | Ep. 051
May 21, 2021

The people of Israel were truly oppressed in Egypt. Things were getting worse and worse, and it became more and more clear that these people needed a savior. God sends Moses to take the people away from this place of hardship and oppression.

Moses Returns To Egypt | Ep. 050
May 12, 2021

Moses set out on the journey back to Egypt, as God instructed him to do. But God sought Moses' life because they hadn't kept the covenant with God - they weren't circumcised. Circumcision was one of the visible signs that God commanded His Old Testamen...

Moses Resists God’s Call | Ep. 049
May 05, 2021

Moses was struggling to accept what God wanted him to do, which was return to Egypt and set the Israelites free from their slavery. In this conversation with Moses through the burning bush, God used the signs of turning the staff into a snake and Moses...