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SPECIAL 100th Episode: Kids’ Questions Answered (Part 2) | Ep. 101
January 25, 2023

We continue to answer questions submitted by our kid listeners in Part 2 of our celebrating 100 episodes of our podcast: What is the difference between angels and archangels? How was God here b

SPECIAL 100th Episode: Kids’ Questions Answered (Part 1) | Ep. 100
January 18, 2023

We are thrilled to be celebrating our 100th devotion! By the grace of God and our amazing audience, we are here for another 100! In Part 1 of our 2-part episode, we will be answering questions submitt

Epiphany Devotion: Jesus, Light of the World | Ep. 099
January 11, 2023

Epiphany is the feast day of light. This is the day we remember the visit of the Magi (or wise men) to visit the child Jesus at his house in Bethlehem. Today, we dont see Jesus as the Wise Men did

Christmas Devotion: The 12 Days of Christmas | Ep. 098
January 04, 2023

Christmas doesnt end on Christmas Day - as a matter of fact, its just beginning! The 12 days of Christmas is the shortest season in the Church Year. Day 1 is Christmas Day. The last day of the Chris

Advent Devotion: Who are the Wise Men? | Ep. 097
December 21, 2022

At Christmas, we hear about Gabriel and the angels and the shepherds, Joseph and Mary and then we hear about the wise men. But who are the wise men? They dont come to the manger where Jesus was born

Advent Devotion: Who are the Shepherds? | Ep. 096
December 19, 2022

Imagine you're a shepherd, and youre going out to tend to your flock, just like you do every night. You go about your shepherding duties, keep track of the sheep, making sure theyre safe. And then o

Advent Series: Who is Mary? | Ep. 095
December 12, 2022

Gabriel visited Mary. Joseph married Mary! But who, exactly, is Mary? What made her so special? Absolutely nothing - except that God chose her to be the mother of His Son. Mary did not doubt God but b

Advent Series: Who is Joseph? | Ep. 094
December 09, 2022

We don't know too much about the earthly father of Jesus. He was a carpenter. He was a righteous and just man. He was a provider and guardian for his family. Joseph did what God wanted him to do, and

Advent Series: Who is Gabriel? | Ep. 093
December 05, 2022

"Who is Gabriel?" is the question we explore in this devotion of our Advent series. This angel who appeared to Zechariah, and then to Mary had a message for each of them that came directly from God. T

Advent Series: Who is John the Baptist? | Ep. 092
November 30, 2022

Our Advent devotional series for kids and families is focusing on the "Who's Who?" of the Nativity story. Our first important person that comes into the Advent of Jesus Christ is John the Baptist. Who