Donuts and Devos

Donuts and Devos

Epiphany Devotion: Jesus, Light of the World | Ep. 099

January 11, 2023

Epiphany is the feast day of light. This is the day we remember the visit of the Magi (or “wise men”) to visit the child Jesus at his house in Bethlehem. Today, we don’t see Jesus as the Wise Men did or as others saw Him. But we do see Jesus by faith. It was by faith the Magi traveled until they saw the Christ child. It is by faith we follow the “star” that is Jesus, whom God has shown us in His Word, and who we believe to be our eternal Savior from all our sin.


We mention the book "Celebrating the Saints" by William Weedon, which is a wonderful resource to teach your kids more about all the feasts, festivals and commemorations that happen each month throughout the church year. You can use this book throughout the year to talk about which festivals are celebrated on what days!

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