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DMSG Healthcare Podcast

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Three Things You Need to Know About How Healthcare is Changing
August 01, 2023

Dana Jacoby, Founder and CEO of Vector Medical Group talks about where the Kaiser-Geisinger merger is going, how AI is going to be largest disruption to physicians careers and what ...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)—Will it Replace People or Will It be a Co-Pilot?
July 25, 2023

Breanna Wong, Principal Manager, Product Strategy, Nuance, a Microsoft company, gives our listeners a better understanding of generative AI and its various algorithms, like ChatGPT and GPT-4, and how

Change in healthcare delivery is at “Breakneck” speed as our Healthcare Strategist, Dana Jacoby, shares the latest
July 18, 2023

Dana Jacoby, CEO of Vector Medical Group, stopped long enough today to share what is going on now with new twists to healthcare mergers and acquisitions. The opportunities for how ...

What is Going on with Behavioral Health as Seen through the Eyes of Denver Springs’ CEO?
June 06, 2023

Mental health is important for everyone since its likely that as some point in our lives, we will have some sort of mental health crisis. Its important that we erase ...

What Strategy Does a Healthcare Real Estate Developer use for the More Complicated Healthcare Facility Needs?
May 16, 2023

Ben Ochs, CEO of Anchor Health Properties, shares how AHP has grown with the focus on healthcare and how they bring a refreshing perspective to healthcare real estate through creative ...

How Can Healthcare Leaders Improve the Culture of an Organization?
May 09, 2023

Dr. Tommy Thomas, CEO of Opposite Strengths, shares how Healthcare Leaders can move from practical thinking to theoretical thinking through visualization as a very important part of being a successful

Where are Patients Getting Their Healthcare Needs Met Coming Out of COVID?
April 11, 2023

Jonathan Wiik, Vice President, Health Insights with Fin Thrive shares his research findings about patients behavior coming out of COVID as they look for better healthcare clerically, financially and

How are Private Equity investors looking at healthcare investments right now?
April 04, 2023

Dana Jacoby, CEO and Founder of Vector Medical Group walks us through the past few weeks of bank financing changes and a look back at 2021-2022 private equity investment strategies ...

The Impact of Intermountain Health and SCL Health Merger on Healthcare Innovation
March 28, 2023

Jamie Smith, President of Saint Joseph Hospital talks about how his organization dealt with the challenges during COVID and how these challenges and changes bring innovation and opportunities for heal

Project C.U.R.E.’s Story on getting 35,000 Volunteers to Show Up on a Regular Basis
March 15, 2023

Doug Jackson, CEO and Chief Story Telling Officer shares the culture of Project C.U.R.E.s volunteers which is to connect passion with purpose that lines up with something that really matters. ...