Discovered Wordsmiths

Discovered Wordsmiths

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Episode 136A – Derrick Hall – Readers: Qetran Odyssey
December 27, 2022

Overview Derrick wrote his book in between working in I.T. he actually didn't want to write a book and it's an extension of his Dungeons and Dragons playing. Like many authors, the book has turned

Episode 135C – Sally Stevens – Chapter Read: I Sang That
December 22, 2022

Overview Sally graciously reads a couple stories from her book. If you haven't listened to the interview, she relates other wonderful stories there also. Her Book

Episode 135 – Sally Stevens- I Sang That
December 22, 2022

Overview I Sang That is a personal journey behind the scenes into the world of music-makers who created the film scores, television music, sound recordings, commercials and concert evenings over th

Episode 134B – Caroline Ailanthus – Authors: Play vs Serious
December 16, 2022

Overview Caroline has a serious job and working on her author career is serious work. Which is in contrast to the fun writers achieve when writing. We discuss how authors can balance the two.

Episode 134A – Caroline Ailanthus – Readers: Ecological Memory
December 14, 2022

Overview Caroline lines in Maryland with her husband and dogs. Her experience working with the ecology has translated into a fiction book about a world disaster and how people react it. She is a

Episode 133B – Rachael Biggs – Changing Self Publishing
December 07, 2022

Overview Rachael published her first book 10 years ago and her second book is going on sale soon. In that time, self publishing has changed dramatically. We discuss those changes and the good thing

Episode 133A – Rachael Biggs – And I Was Like November
December 07, 2022

Overview In a world where hyper-positivity, Rachael Biggs And I Was Like November offers a glimpse of the other side, while navigating themes of isolation and longing.These are st

Episode 132B – Freddy Cruz – Owning It
December 02, 2022

Overview Freddy is back to talk about his writing process. We discuss how author's need to be proud of their writing and to do everything they can to get it to their readers. His Book ht

Episode 132A – Freddy Cruz – Allow Me to Ruin Your Christmas
December 02, 2022

Overview He just discovered why his dad died. Now tis the season for a rampage of revengeIf you like your festive stories dark and twisted, Freddy Cruz has a gem for you. Allow Me to Ruin Your C

Episode 131B – Shannon Felton – Theme
November 25, 2022

Overview With horror, theme can be even more important than other genres and you can get a theme that you didn't expect. Shannon has developed her own way of finding her theme, and we discuss that