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Discovered Wordsmiths

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Episode 171 – Sasscer Hill – Murder at the Willcotts Hotel
September 13, 2023

Overview South Carolina author Sasscer Hill, an amateur jockey and horse breeder, writes mysteries in series - The Nikki Latrelle Horse Racing Mysteries (five volumes), The Fia McFee Mysteries (two

Episode 170 – Luna Rey Hall – Patient Routine
September 05, 2023

Overview Luna rey hall is a queer trans non-binary writer. they are the author of space neon neon space (Variant Lit, 2022), no matter the diagnosis (Game Over Books, 2023), the patient routine (Br

Episode 169 – Robert Wolf – Not a Real Enemy
August 29, 2023

Overview Robert Wolf, M.D., grew up as the only child of Ervin and Judit Wolf. Their stories of their escape from communist Hungary, and his father's tragic history of escaping the Nazis twice but

Episode 168 – Ben Levin – Nellie’s Friends
August 22, 2023

Overview Ben joins us from New Jersey where he goes to college. Ben may be young and isn't known, but he is an experienced author with several books under his belt already with many planned in the

Episode 167 – JL Lawrence – Mystic Series
August 15, 2023

Overview I want to welcome Jennifer Lawrence and apologize to her once again. We did a whole episode and talked about a lot of great things - that I forgot to record. So she graciously agreed to ge

Episode 166 – Catherine Wells – Aztec Eagle
August 08, 2023

Overview Catherine lives in Tucson Arizona and is a bass player. Good combo - author and bass player. She has written a sci-fi novel called Aztec Eagle that is the first of a series. She is als

Episode 165 – Jim Beard – Six Gun Legends
August 02, 2023

Overview Jim is one half of the Flinch publishing duo and joins us today to talk about their newest anthology - a western title Six Gun Legends. We also discuss his Sgt Janus books and connection t

Episode 164 – Don Ake – Turkey Terror
July 26, 2023

Overview Don lives in Ohio with his wife and recently retired. As a retirement goal, he wanted to write a book and he's written a series of humor books. Along with writing, he has been practicing s

Episode 163 – Avyan Shah – True of False
July 19, 2023

Overview Avyan is a young writer, 10 years old in fact. Yet, he's an experienced author that has written a non-fiction book for that his fellow classmates enjoy. As a bonus, Avyan donates his profi

Episode 162 – Gustavo Bondoni – Colony
July 11, 2023

Overview Gustav is from South America where he lives with his large family. He writes for a very thriving science fiction fan base there. We discuss his sci-fi military book, Colony, but also abou