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Discovered Wordsmiths

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Episode 89 – Janice Mitchell – My Ticket to Ride
January 25, 2022

Overview Janice has a special story to tell. She is the woman that got rock and roll banned from Cleveland, Oh. Yup, no rock and roll in the rock and roll capital of the world. And it was all be

Episode 88C – Michael Potts – Chapter Read – Death Rattle
January 17, 2022

Michael read a selection from his short story collection - Death Rattle and other Dark Tales.

Episode 88B – Michael Potts – Small vs Big Press
January 17, 2022

Overview Michael has had experience with several different presses and talks about his experiences in this second part of episode 88. YouTube Transcript M

Episode 88A – Michael Potts – Death Rattle and other Dark Tales
January 17, 2022

Overview Michael is a professor of philosophy, which makes him one of the most prestigious guests we've had. Not to mention, he plays in chess tournaments. He has written several books, includin

Episode 87A – Donna Conrad – House of the Moon, Surviving the 60’s
January 10, 2022

Overview Donna takes us back and explores what it was like growing up in the 60's. It is a memoir of her remembrances as a teen. Besides that, she has written a historical fiction called Last M

Episode 86A – Amanda Desiree – Smithy
January 04, 2022

Overview Amanda loves to watch classic movies and television when she isn't writing and reading. And a lot of that consists of horror, which started with R.L. Stine. We discuss her interesting b

Episode 86B – Amanda Desiree – Working with Editors
January 03, 2022

Overview Amanda had an interesting experience getting her book published through Ink Shares. She discusses how important it is to choose a good editor and listen to your editor. She first entere

Episode 85C – Chapter Read Antoine – TJ & the Orishas
December 30, 2021

Here is chapter 13 from Antoine's book "TJ and the Orishas".

Episode 85 – 2nd Interview Antoine Bandele
December 30, 2021

Overview Antoine returns and has exciting updates. He has continued to create stories for his series, and has started something new. The most exciting is that he is in talks with a producer to t

Episode 84 – Diane Glyer – Bandersnatch
December 28, 2021

Overview Diane lives in Los Angeles and is a teacher, though she used to live in Ohio and had her book published by KSU press. Her work, teaching, and book focus on the Inklings - the famous writer