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Discovered Wordsmiths

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Episode 146 – DC Gomez – Plague Unleashed
March 21, 2023

Overview READERS: DC Gomez is a bestselling author, so there's a lot to discuss. She tells us about her latest book series - the Intern Diaries - and we talk about her other top books. If you'd li

Episode 145 – Stephanie Ellis – Reborn
March 14, 2023

Overview READERS: Stephanie lives in Wales and shares her horror novel with us. She talks about reading horror and how she likes the build up to the horrific parts. She has only been publishing fo

Episode 144 – Yoshio Daggett
March 07, 2023

Overview Yoshio is a 16 year old author. He hasn't written just one book, he's written two! We discuss his writing and how he took advantage of a family vacation to get the book done. Due to his

Episode 143C – Troy Lambert – Chapter Read: Teaching Moments
March 01, 2023

Overview Troy reads a chapter of his book "Teaching Moments". His Book

Episode 143B – Troy Lambert – Plottr
February 24, 2023

Overview Troy is back and this time we are talking about Plottr. If you don't know Plottr, its author software to help plan out and plot your story before you start writing. We discuss the benefits

Episode 143A – Troy Lambert – Teaching Moments
February 24, 2023

Overview You may know Troy from his work with Plottr. We'll get to that. Troy is also an author - which is one reason Plottr has been so successful. The people working there know writing and use th

Episode 142 – Jacob Way – Deep Water Gaming
February 14, 2023

Overview A different episode for the podcast today. We start out with Roland and I discussing author news. As always, its fun to deep dive into what's going on. My guest is Jacob Way from Deep W

Episode 141B – Robb Hill – Speaking Career
February 07, 2023

Overview Besides his writing, Robb also does speaking about finance. He enjoys helping people and being able to give them financial advice to help their lives. His speaking gigs are full of advice,

Episode 141A – Robb Hill – Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Answers
February 07, 2023

Overview Robb has turned his life around and used lessons from the past to elevate his life. He sees financial situations as a way to help others and has written a book to pass on the lessons. M

Episode 140C – Erica Schaef – Chapter Read: This Cold Night
January 26, 2023

Overview Erica reads a chapter of her horror novel This Cold Night