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Episode 38B – Kevin Fellows – Marketing Fantasy
February 25, 2021

Kevin and Stephen talk about how to market fantasy stories in today's world. Kevin doesn't like writing typical fantasy, and this makes marketing even more difficult. Publishing poetry also adds interesting elements to trying to market.

Episode 38A – Kevin Fellows – At the end of the world
February 24, 2021

Kevin has lived all over the U.S. but currently lives in the southwest. He has daughters and loves to read. When he had a heart attack, he realized he needed to work on his writing if her ever wanted to get his books out.

Episode 37B – K.S. Barton – Community
February 16, 2021

Kim and I continue talking, but we switch from her book to talking about communities. Specifically, author communities and how they benefit writers. We have both been in different groups and met in a great mastermind group.

Episode 37A – K.S. Barton – Warrior and Weaver
February 15, 2021 KS Barton Website Kim has the best job as a writer - she works in a library! Besides writing, she enjoys drums, dancing and aikido - which she has practiced for 17 years. She writes and shelves books at her local library in Tu...

Episode 36B – Ran – Mental Health and Writers
February 03, 2021

Besides writing, Ran works in the mental health field, so discussing mental health and how it affects writers was a natural. We also discuss how writers can take care of their mental health to continue writing.

Episode 36A – Ran – Journey of Faith
February 03, 2021

Ran lives in Ontario Canada, and as we talked, the temp was WAY below zero. She works in the mental health field, which is what we talk about in the second half, but she views her writing as a major part of her life,

Episode 35B – Jeff Johnson – Writing as a major life change
January 25, 2021

Jeff has had several changes in his life - lawyer to politician to writer to CEO of a non-profit. We talk about how to handle those changes and why he chose to make writer one of those life changes.

Episode 35A – Jeff Johnson – Boy Lessons
January 25, 2021

Jeff has several boys, and like other authors, used what he learned raising his kids to write a book. He has been a lawyer and politician, and adds writer to his resume. Besides this book, he runs a non-profit calls Can Do Canines where they raise a...

Episode 34B – Doug Knust – Using life to influence your book
January 21, 2021

Doug and I discuss how life can influence your book. This is what he did when writing his book. He is a businessman and writing is not his main focus. [Transcript] Episode 34B Doug Knust Using Life to Influence Your Book

Episode 34A – Doug Knust – Man Stuff
January 21, 2021

Doug came to writing his first book in an interesting way. He felt there was a need to instruct boys in lessons for men and spent years running a group that helped accomplish that. Many of the lessons are bundled in his book, Man Stuff.