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Discovered Wordsmiths

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Episode 27 B – Penny Appleton – Writing during tough times
November 24, 2020

Joanna's Mindfulness book - KM Weiland book and workbook

Episode 27A – Penny Appleton- Love Second Time Around
November 24, 2020

Jacqui Penn writes under the pseudonym of Penny Appleton. She lives in England, but has worked and lived around the world. Her daughter, Joanna Penn (The Creative Penn podcast), helped her with the first books.

Episode 26 – Shay Siegel – Fractured
November 18, 2020

Shay Siegel wrote her first novel, Fractured, based on trials she's dealt with during her life. As a young girl, she experienced selective mutism, which would not allow her to talk in certain circumstances.

Episode 25 – Stephen Batt – 10 Things About People in Cars
November 15, 2020

Stephen lives in New Zealand, but has traveled the world when he was younger. His experience allows him a unique perspective in his art and books. His earlier experience in screenwriting - including Jules Verne Mysterious Island - allowed him to rea...

Episode 24 – David Kouri – Elyria
November 06, 2020

Today I talk with David Kouri from Texas. He is a thrill seeker and loves sports. In his past life he acted in theater and for TV before switched to behind the camera and writing. His first book, Elyria, is a YA fantasy.

Episode 23 – Thomas Brigger – Beyond the Higher Ground
October 27, 2020

Thomas A. Brigger is a businessman, entrepreneur, traveler and author of Beyond the Higher Ground, a novel about intrigue and suspense amid the opioid crisis in Appalachia. With a background including construction worker, small business owner,

Episode 22 – David Konrad – Project Adventure: Heart of the Island
October 19, 2020

David is a stay at home dad living in Munich, Germany with his wife and twin boys. He has lived throughout the world and uses his experience with various cultures to write a series of adventure books for kids.

Episode 21 – Laurie Douglass – The Uncommon Thread
October 15, 2020

Laurie grew up in a military family and has used her love of various cultures to influence her books. She currently lives in Maryland, U.S. and because she's always loved storytelling, she wrote a YA book that contains parts of fantasy and mystery thri...

Episode 20 – Victoria Tait – Fowl Murder
October 05, 2020

Victoria Tait lives in England, but has lived in multiple countries because her husband is in the army. The various living locations has helped inspire her writing and she has written a unique series of Cozy mysteries based in Kenya.

Episode 19 – Jessica Kane – The Butterfly who was afraid to fly
September 29, 2020 Today I talk with Jessica Laurel Kane about her kids books. She has written several kids books with themes that help kids understand the world around them. We had some unexpected audio problems - first there is ...