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Discovered Wordsmiths

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Episode 113B – Diane Bator – Playwright
June 29, 2022

Overview Diane is not only a cozy mystery writer, she helps run a theater and has written plays. This is a topic that most authors don't know much about and she divulges quite a bit of great inform

Episode 113A – Diane Bator – The Conned Lady
June 28, 2022

Overview Diane writes cozy mysteries, and has found writing to be fun and can lead to success. She has written over 13 books, including a newer one with Jesse James. She started writing as a kid

Episode 112B – Thorsten – German to English writing
June 21, 2022

Overview Thorsten speaks German but now writes in English. We discuss writing in two different languages and getting your work translated. YouTube Transcript

Episode 112A – Thorsten – Grolar
June 21, 2022

Overview Thorsten is originally from Germany and speaks German. When he married, he and his wife moved to Canada where he learned to speak English. While he had written some books in German, he now

Episode 111C – Armin Shimerman – Chapter Read from Illyria
June 15, 2022

Overview Armin reads a chapter from his newest book in the Illyria series.

Episode 111B – Armin Shimerman – Choosing to Write
June 14, 2022

Overview Armin has vast experience as an actor, but enjoys a playhouse also. He has studied Shakespeare and teaches students about Shakespeare. And yet, he had the desire to write. We have a gre

Episode 111A – Armin Shimerman – Illyria
June 14, 2022

Overview This has to be the greatest highlight of doing this podcast. I got to talk to Armin Shimerman - he of Quark fame from Star Trek DS9. This man is definitely a national treasure. He's a

Episode 110B – Jim Christina – Podcast and Radio
June 09, 2022

Overview Besides writing, Jim does a live radio show each week that talks to a variety of authors. This gets turned into a podcast. We discuss the pros and cons of a podcast and why an author may w