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Episode 65B – Lori Rochat – Writer Groups
September 07, 2021

Lori and I are both members of the Cleveland Writer's Group - Write, Publish, Polish. Dave and the group has helped both of us with our writing goals. We discuss looking for a writer group to fit y

Episode 65A – Lori Rochat – Schizophrenia, Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving
September 07, 2021

Lori is a Clevelander, and has used her life experiences to write a book that she wants to help others. Lori was diagnosed with schizophrenia and has dealt with the disease most of her life. She wo

Episode 64B – Dave Millbrandt – Writing for 15 years
August 31, 2021

Dave spent 15 years writing his first book. Off and on. This is an interesting topic since many authors take years to write their first book, but once that is done, they don't spend nearly as long

Episode 64A – Dave Millbrandt – Fool’s Luck
August 31, 2021

Dave lives in Southern California - San Dimas of Bill & Ted fame - and is a teacher. He has spent 15 years to write his first book about a teacher that runs for president. The lessons he tries to t

Episode 63B – Jessica Bertrand – Taking Risk
August 24, 2021

Even though Jessica is fairly new to her writing career, she has taken some risks that have helped build her confidence and achieve heights she didn't think possible - including winning a writing cont

Episode 63A – Jessica Bertrand – Finding God in Anime
August 23, 2021

Jessica is a teacher in Colorado and also works in the library system. She just released 2 things- a devotional for anime and a novella collection with a bunch of friends. She has tried to include

Episode 62 – Reader Rhys
August 17, 2021

I have known Rhys most of our lives. We have talked about books (mostly Stephen King), movies (mostly B stuff), and comic books in those intervening years. On this episode, I talk with Rhys about h

Episode 61B – Jess Lederman – Agony and Ecstasy of Book Marketing
August 10, 2021

Back talking with Jess about his learning experiences in marketing. He conveys ways he has marketed his first book that cost him money but wasn't necessary to spend that money. Most of the marketing h

Episode 61A – Jess Lederman – Hearts Set Free
August 09, 2021

Jess lives in the Pacific Northwest, but has live all over, including Alaska. Like a lot of musicians, he enjoys music and plays the piano. Jess is very inspired by John Macdonald, and runs a we

Episode 60 – Crys
August 06, 2021

Crys is an American writer, but currently lives in Costa Rica with her son. She's been a full time writer of romance for several years and offers advice for writers of all genres. She's written