Dig Beneath Design Podcast

Dig Beneath Design Podcast

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Nicole Larkin taps into beauty, love and memory to spark conversations.
November 18, 2023

Nicole Larkin is an architect, artist and an expert on ocean pools. Her Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship canvassed all 59 pools along the NSW coast, allowing Nicole to create opportunities, forge c

Chris Moller says the language of architecture isn’t images or words, it’s making.
July 13, 2023

Host of Grand Designs New Zealand for six years, Chris Moller is a charismatic TV star. But behind the camera is an erudite architect urbanist who challenges the way we live, build and think. Chris ha

Helen Lochhead believes authentic communicators make strong leaders.
December 11, 2019

Helen Lochhead sends a refreshing jolt of energy through the architecture profession. As the first female dean of the Faculty of the Built Environment at UNSW Sydney, national president of the Australian Institute of Architects and one of the Australia...

Greg Grabasch empowers people to have a say in designing their own places.
October 09, 2019

Greg Grabasch models a new role for landscape architects - as design facilitators. In 2006 he founded UDLA design studio in Fremantle, Western Australia on strong principles of social and environmental justice.

Indira Naidoo always seeks ways to connect with her audience.
July 25, 2019

Indira Naidoo is an expert communicator. You might have seen her on TV, heard her on radio or read her books The Edible Balcony and its sequel The Edible City. Indira knows how to hook you into a story, from a spelling bee that nearly spelled the end o...

Jennie Officer wants architects to justify their language, not dumb it down.
May 03, 2019

Jennie Officer’s life is immersed in architecture. She practices as co-director of Officer Woods Architects, teaches at the University of Western Australia and writes about architecture in the dead of night. -

Damian Thompson stays humble, humorous and human.
March 09, 2019

Ever had someone screaming at you in a community meeting? You need a few minutes with Damian Thompson, director of multidisciplinary design studio Lat27. He talks about being the eye of the storm and having stillness of mind...

Georgina Reid wants designers to become storytellers.
January 21, 2019

Georgina Reid never dreamed her online magazine The Planthunter would go viral. So when her heartfelt stories about people and plants connected with thousands of fans almost instantly, she was terrified. Five years, a book and many deep breaths later,

Harry Partridge says the first rule of communication is to give up something of yourself.
October 11, 2018

Harry Partridge is a rare bird: a structural engineer with a creative soul. He ran his own firm Partridge Engineering for over 30 years, taking pride in delivering strong, safe buildings. But early on, Harry knew something was missing.

Tim Ross would rather listen to a drunken wedding toast than a TED talk.
August 12, 2018

Tim Ross is a comedian and design nerd. - Hes leapt from the entertainment industry into the design world with a fresh perspective, dry humour and a love for mid-century Australian design. Tim knows