Dig Beneath Design Podcast

Dig Beneath Design Podcast

Chris Moller says the language of architecture isn’t images or words, it’s making.

July 13, 2023

Host of Grand Designs New Zealand for six years, Chris Moller is a charismatic TV star. But behind the camera is an erudite architect urbanist who challenges the way we live, build and think. Chris has taught at prestigious architecture schools, run practices in the UK, the Netherlands and New Zealand, and invented a prefab building product called Click-Raft. His latest project is a community centre in Christchurch inspired by a giant shellfish.

Find out why architects don’t need project managers, how the power of communication lies in our hands, and what really went on behind the camera of Grand Designs.









City on a Roof and City in a Room were collaborative projects between Chris Moller and Pavlov MediaLab (Nathalie Beekman and Thuur Caris).

Rosie Wyatt Chang is a regular collaborator with Chris Moller on numerous projects.