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The DIY Artist Route Podcast

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Greg Wilnau Shares Mindset Shifts For Success On Podcast EP33-GregWilnau-BeliefSuperPowerPeopleMindedCommunityBuildingFaithResponsibility
March 07, 2017

Greg Wilnau has been on my radar for a long time. He’s a fantastic human being and someone who intentionally wants to help people. It’s clear in the way that he engages with you in conversation, and illustrates the power of valuing others as a key to g...

3 Simple Keys To Music Success With Rodney Holder
February 01, 2017

Music Business Keys To Success with Rodney Holder When it comes to business success, the entrepreneur path is essential. Most musicians are recognizing that more and more as time goes by. One of the premier places where musicians have experienced insig...

How To Get Better Gigs With Help From Dave Ruch EP 31-Dave Ruch Talks Getting Better Gigs For Musicians
January 10, 2017

Every musician wants to get more gigs, book better venues and be able to perform regularly. Performing for some artists is one of the main methods for profiting from the business of being a musician. However, getting gigs is getting harder and harder.

Jeremy Young Teaches Music & Collaboration In Podcast
December 07, 2016

Education for musicians and creative entrepreneurs is at an all-time high. There are multiple courses, books, seminars, trainings, workshops, blogs and everything in between for all of us to become the finest, brightest,

Mark Steiner On How To Build A Successful Company
November 21, 2016

In the 16 years I’ve worked with for profit and nonprofit businesses, particularly in radio, media, and the entertainment industry. There are a few key things that make for thriving organizations. I knew from the first conversation I had with Mark Stei...

Secrets To Media Coverage With Michael Zipursky
November 07, 2016

  When I read someone with a massive influence talking about some of the same things I do, I take note. Michael Zipursky wrote a recent blog piece about how to get published in industry publications to boost your exposure.

The Secrets To 1000 True SuperFans With Kevin Kelly
October 19, 2016

  Kevin Kelly is a man with a rich background in writing and science. His wisdom and thoughtfulness is pervasive in not only his writings but also his lectures. He’s someone with an eye and ear to the future,

3 Ways To Growth Hack Music Success With Jon Nastor
October 10, 2016

Every now and then the “recommended” notification on Twitter will suggest someone to you who is actually a good fit. A few months back, the recommendation was for Jon Nastor. After looking at his profile and seeing that he’s a drummer,

Rachael Yamagata Shares Love & Music Entrepreneur Help
September 27, 2016

I have to admit to having some excitement about this podcast episode. I’ve been a big fan of Rachael Yamagata‘s music for a long time. Going back at least to 2003 when I first heard her self-titled EP and then in ’04 with the release of Happenstance.

Shaine Freeman On Why Connections Must Know You Back EP24 Shaine Freeman-Reciprocity, Relationship Building, Networking, Musicians, Music Conferences, Growth Farming
September 07, 2016

Listen/Download the Podcast conversation here: Shaine Freeman is a really good example of people who value connections. As a musician, you’ve heard a whole lot of people talk about why you need to build your contact list,