The DIY Artist Route Podcast

The DIY Artist Route Podcast

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Ryan Kairalla Helps Protect Musician’s Artistry On New Podcast
August 17, 2016

Something I haven’t spent much time with on the DIY Artist Route Podcast is talk about the legal issues that arise in the music industry. It’s interesting because law is a side of the business that most of us just relegate to someone else if a need ari...

Build Stronger Audience Connection With Amy Schmittauer
August 02, 2016

Most of us in the music and creative business space are seeing more and more videos in our social news feeds. Why is that? One big reason is video’s ability to build engagement. We’re naturally drawn to the power of moving visual and audio media.

Music Entrepreneur & Super Fan Tom Giles Joins The DIY Artist Route
July 18, 2016

Networking seems like it’s becoming a bad word in the music and marketing world. I’m not sure how else to talk about relationship building through our existing friends and contacts. Networking just seems like the best word.

Grow Your Online Audience With Help From Brandon Gaille EP 19-Brandon Gaille: Online Marketing, Platform Building, SEO, Blogging, Podcast, Bullying, Overcoming Obstacles, Inspirational Story,
June 27, 2016

The DIY Artist Route Podcast: Charting Coarse For Success For Musicians & Creative Entrepreneurs, Audience building, online marketing,

How Radio Promotion Is Done Right With Jesse Barnett
June 06, 2016

Being a radio host, I’m plugged into different parts of this industry. I’m connected to radio stations, artists, managers, radio promoters, and listeners alike. I see things from the perspective of a radio station manager, music director,

Insights From The Musician’s Webman Andrew Apanov
May 25, 2016

In the digital age, we’re not limited to location for who we can learn from or be aided by. One of my favorite people doing great things for musicians is Andrew Apanov. Based out of Poland, Andrew’s platform Dotted Music is a great resource for all thi...

Derek Webb Talks Free Music & Data Tools For Musicians
May 10, 2016

Networking and relationship building are both big values and core principles that I live by in everything I do. It turns out that Derek Webb shares those values and principles. It’s what he’s used for all of his music career, going back to hi

The Rocketboys’ Brandon Kinder On The DIY Artist Route
April 25, 2016

Brandon Kinder and I go back quite a few years. Not only did we attend the same university, but we helped cultivate a growing indie music culture in Abilene, Texas. In 2005 the music scene here was on the verge of really exploding.

Jay Coyle Preaches Super Fan Gospel For Musicians Jay Coyle On The DIY Artist Route Podcast-Super Fan Growth For Insane Success For Musicians
April 04, 2016

Jay Coyle Talks Super Fan Growth For Musicians On The DIY Artist Route Podcast

Blue Collar Music With Matthew Mayfield On Podcast Ep 13: Matthew Mayfield-Blue Collar Musician, Insights Into Labels, Indie Music Success Secrets, Using Covers To Grow Your Fan Base
March 15, 2016

Matthew Mayfield-Blue Collar Musician, Insights Into Labels, Indie Music Success Secrets, Using Covers To Grow Your Fan Base