DevOps Paradox

DevOps Paradox

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DOP 155: The Difference Between Projects and Products
April 20, 2022

#155: Do you know what the difference is between a project and a product in your day job? After years of working with clients as well as working in open source, we've figured out the differences betwe

DOP 154: Reducing Developer Friction
April 13, 2022

#154: What are the right and wrong ways organizations help their application developers be more productive? Should those organizations have the mentality of my way or the highway or should they allow

DOP 153: Eliminate Cloud Chaos With Firefly
April 06, 2022

#153: Cloud has been around in an organization for a number of years and has had many, many employees and contractors managing the cloud assets. These assets have been created in numerous ways. Someti

DOP 152: An Internal Developer Platform Story
March 30, 2022

#152: Many companies are seriously starting to look into creating an internal developer platform for their developers. However, how many of those companies really understand what it takes to create a

DOP 151: What Is OpenTelemetry?
March 23, 2022

#151: As an application developer, you know you need data about your application. Usually, that data starts with logs. Over time, you add in metrics. At some point, you might add traces. With OpenTele

DOP 150: Diagrams As Code
March 16, 2022

#150: Patrick Debois joins us for his almost-annual divide by 50 episode. We talk about items ranging from digital twins to diagrams as code to everyone’s current favorite topics, NFTs and blockchain.

DOP 138: Great Expectations
December 22, 2021

#138: It's that time of year where we reflect on everything that happened over the past year and ponder what will be happening over the next year.   YouTube channel:   Books and Courses: Catalog, Pat

DOP 137: Shifting Infrastructure Management Left
December 15, 2021

#137: Many application developers have either been hearing about or having thrust upon them the concept of shifting left. But now in some places, even infrastructure is trying to get in on the game. H

DOP 136: Teaching Kubernetes to a New Team Member
December 08, 2021

#136: Imagine you've just learned Kubernetes yourself, but now you've been selected to help train a new team member on what Kubernetes is and how to operate it. Where would you start? In this episode,

DOP 135: Migrate Everything to Kubernetes
December 01, 2021

#135: Alexey asked us the following question:   ​My company is considering migrating everything to Kubernetes. What stack of Kubernetes technologies would you 1 minute or less?   It's a g