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DevOps Paradox

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DOP 196: Simplifying Performance Optimization Using Granulate
February 01, 2023

#196: Where do you start when you work on optimizing the performance of your application? The number of options can seem overwhelming. Do you start with memory, CPU, network, or somewhere else? Even i

DOP 195: Why Do Companies Not Replace Legacy Systems?
January 25, 2023

#195: Most companies have decades of legacy systems running their day-to-day business. They're difficult to replace with newer systems, and they're costly to maintain. But they also offer security, st

DOP 194: How To Write Test Cases for Microservices
January 18, 2023

#194: Whether you are doing greenfield development with microservices or are doing brownfield development migrating monoliths to microservices, theres one thing that you have to get right when testin

DOP 193: Automatic AI-Powered Database Tuning Using OtterTune
January 11, 2023

#193: As a database administrator, you probably want to spend more time trying to make things better for people using your database instead of always chasing down the latest tuning parameters or queri

DOP 192: What Every DevOps Should Learn in 2023
January 04, 2023

#192: Have you decided what you're going to be learning in 2023? In their annual attempt to read the crystal ball, Darin and Viktor talk about the things that you need to learn or that you will probab

DOP 191: Looking Back on Our 2022 Predictions
December 28, 2022

#191: In this episode, we recap all of the predictions we made at the beginning of 2022 and see how we did. Save 25% on your first Barbaro Mojo order using the code "DevOps25" YouTube channel:

DOP 190: Have You Started Your Shopping Yet?
December 21, 2022

#190: Darin and Viktor look back over 2020 part 3, in other words, 2022. Also, for something new this year, listen all the way to the end of the episode for a couple of hand-picked holiday tunes. Yo

DOP 189: Code Anywhere on Any Device With Gitpod
December 14, 2022

#189: In the distant past, we used punchcards and dumb terminals to program. Then came the advent of the personal computer and we started developing locally on our machines. There are now new offering

DOP 188: Foster a Culture of Resilience With Steadybit
December 07, 2022

#188: Just because youve run some chaos experiments against your system doesnt mean you are ready to fend off wide ranging and prolonged attacks. It just means that you might be ready for the attack

DOP 187: Simplify Testing With Testcontainers
November 30, 2022

#187: When writing tests that need to talk to a data source, you're usually faced with a couple of options. The first one is that you setup a database server on your machine. The problem with that is