DevOps Paradox

DevOps Paradox

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DOP 116: Why You Should Choose Boring Technology
July 21, 2021

#116: Individuals typically love to chase the new bright shiny technology objects. However, most enterprises go in the exact opposite direction and want any "new" technology to be fully proven out, i.

DOP 115: How Far Are You From No Touch Production?
July 14, 2021

#115: Are you still logging in and making manual changes to your servers and applications or have you started on the path to not only no touch production, but to no touch everything? If you aren't mov

DOP 114: Solving Multitenancy Problems In Kubernetes
July 07, 2021

#114: Are you running your Kubernetes clusters by applying the Oprah effect (you get a get a get a cluster) or have you finally realized you have neither unlimited cash nor

DOP 113: Are Specifications Still Relevant?
June 30, 2021

#113: Are specifications still relevant in today's software development lifecycle? It depends on who you ask..and how old they are. In this episode, we talk with Luca Ingianni about his experiences ra

DOP 112: Essential Infrastructure as Code
June 23, 2021

#112: Are you still clicking around in consoles to create and manage your infrastructure? If so, you'll want to listen to today's episode with Rosemary Wang, the author of Essential Infrastructure as Code.   Order your copy of Essential...

DOP 111: What Are Software Supply Chain Attacks?
June 16, 2021

#111: Ever since Alex Birsan published his Dependency Confusion article in February 2021, the concept of the software supply chain has come to the forefront. The supply chain should not be a new concept to people, but many seemed to have been caught...

DOP 110: The Problems With Microservices
June 09, 2021

#110: It seems that everyone thinks that microservices solves every problem that can be imagined. In fact, there's probably a good chance that you don't even want microservices in your organization due to the new problems that they introduce.  ...

DOP 109: How to Test Microservices
June 02, 2021

#109: You've made the decision that you're going to drop your monoliths and move to microservices. Have you given any consideration how you are going to test your microservices? Beyond that, have you thought about how you can make testing easy for the...

DOP 108: Why Do We Want to Use Microservices?
May 19, 2021

#108: If you cannot define a thing, how do you know what it is? Is a microservice a function, a container, a VM, all of the above or none of the above? Today, we give you our definition of what a microservice is and where microservices should fit into...

DOP 107: Getting Into the Flow With Value Streams
May 12, 2021

#107: As a software development community, we're used to hearing the terms sprints, projects, and agile. However, the people that sign our paychecks, in other words, the business people, could care less and wonder why everything is taking so long and...