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DevOps Paradox

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DOP 213: Unlocking the Secrets to a Successful Product Launch
May 31, 2023

#213: You've been tasked with bringing a new SaaS product to market. Where do you start? Logically, or maybe not so much so, it's important to start by defining your target audience, understanding the

DOP 212: Build and Release SaaS Pricing Changes Faster With Stigg
May 24, 2023

#212: Lets assume for a moment that you are building a SaaS that you want to turn into a product. Sure, you need to make sure your authentication works, but thats really step 1 of potentially thousa

DOP 211: Learning To Code in the Age of AI
May 17, 2023

#211: With the advent of video games like Minecraft and Roblox, kids are starting to learn to code at much younger ages than before. The question is are these kids going to be ready to become the comp

DOP 210: Mastering Database Scalability with PlanetScale
May 10, 2023

#210: If you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed due to your current database deployment and management process not working as expected, then you are not alone! Think about how many times youve nee

DOP 209: Move From Multicloud to Polycloud With Macrometa
May 03, 2023

#209: Many people think they want to take their applications and run replicas of those applications on different cloud providers to mitigate risk. What if instead you created your applications to leve

DOP 208: KubeCon EU 2023 Review
April 26, 2023

#208: KubeCon season has started again and in this episode, we give you our thoughts on KubeCon EU 2023, along with our friends Whitney Lee and Engin Diri. YouTube channel: Books and Courses: Cat

DOP 207: What Did It Take To Bring SQreamDB to SaaS?
April 19, 2023

#207: When you begin building a SaaS product, its pretty straightforward. Open an account with one of the big 3 hyperscalers, upload your code, then profit! Ok, only those first two are guarantees. T

DOP 206: Open Source Supply Chain Security With Pyrsia
April 12, 2023

#206: As an application developer, youre probably used to pulling libraries from Maven Central, PyPI, or npm Registry. Has it ever crossed your mind how secure is this thing that Im pulling or do yo

DOP 205: Thoughts on Digital Twins and Custom Silicon
April 05, 2023

#205: At the end of 2022, Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, published a blog post about the tech predictions for 2023 and (more importantly) beyond. In this episode, Darin and Viktor dig into a couple of

DOP 204: Transform Data From Managed to Actionable With Rivery
March 29, 2023

#204: When you think about managing data in an organization, youre probably familiar with the concept of ETL: extract, transform and load. But in this world of new data tools, the order of transform