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DevOps Paradox

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DOP 179: What Are Service Level Objectives?
October 05, 2022

#179: For many decades, the use of service level objectives (SLOs) in IT has been a routine part of day-to-day business. The objectives are based on measurable impacts that each individual customer or

DOP 178: Kubernetes Observability Using eBPF
September 28, 2022

#178: Observability has been around since the dawn of computing. Around 1992, BPF was introduced. It gave us the ability to do network packet filtering. Around 22 years later in 2014, eBPF was include

DOP 177: How To Modernize Legacy Applications
September 21, 2022

#177: Imagine this. What if you could magically turn your 20 year old Java and .NET applications into modern, containerized applications without having to spend years doing it? Also, what if you could

DOP 176: Critical Skills That Every Engineer Should Master
September 14, 2022

#176: Many people ask us what they need to do in order to start a career in DevOps. The usual initial question is “what technologies do I need to learn?” What if we told you that you shouldn’t necessa

DOP 175: Applying DevOps Principles to Low-Code and No-Code Applications
September 07, 2022

#175: When most people start with low-code and no-code applications, they log in to a user interface, fill in some forms and do a lot of pointing and clicking. As we’ve learned over the years, that is

DOP 174: Security Concerns in Low-Code and No-Code Applications
August 31, 2022

#174: As more and more companies start to use low-code and no-code solutions within their organizations, how many of them are actually evaluating their security posture? Do these organizations not rea

DOP 173: Drag and Drop Deployments for Kubernetes With Harpoon
August 24, 2022

#173: How much time have you wasted writing YAML files, helm charts or Kustomize configurations? What if deployments to Kubernetes could be as simple as drag and drop?   In this episode, we speak with

DOP 172: Dynamically Manage Cloud Costs With Zesty
August 17, 2022

#172: As a developer, we might think we know how our application is going to run in production. We know we’ll need a web server, an application server and a database. But what we might not know is how

DOP 171: How Many Hours Do You Code per Day?
August 10, 2022

#171: How many hours a day do you think you code? 5? 4? Maybe 3?   What if I told you that you were only averaging 52 minutes each day?   In this episode, we talk with Mason McLead, CTO at Software, a

DOP 170: Running Containers at the Edge
August 03, 2022

#170: Containers are one of the quickest ways we can move away from a traditional server-centric architecture, as they allow us to host software "in the cloud" without over-provisioning resources or m